Mark King in Scotland last week

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    Nov 19, 2014
    I flew from NC to Edinburgh Scotland last week to see Level 42 at Let's Rock Scotland and it was just AWESOME. There were a whole bunch of really great acts but to finally get to see Mark live after over three decades of obsessing over his bass tracks was the trip of a lifetime for me. He did not disappoint.

    There were a whole bunch of amazing acts that day, but Level 42 was, for me, undoubtedly the top of the heap as far as just raw musical abilities is concerned.

    One thing that was funny was that Mark was playing a beautiful green Status Jazz bass, but for a while I thought it was some kind of jacked-up Westone because of the headstock and that I couldn't read the logo. I was near the stage but it was just too small to see. Then I noticed that the strap had a large Status logo on it and mystery solved.

    It was totally worth the trip and definitely a bucket-list item for me.
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