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MarkBass 210HF + Eden WT-300

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Bass_Band, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. Bass_Band


    Aug 2, 2012
    Hi Rockers!

    I'm about to buy my first amp and speaker! (After playing 4 months in my band with a rumble 75 :help:) After some research/tryout (thanks talkbass!) i'm about to buy a used MarkBass 210HF 8ohm (400w) and a amp Eden WT-300. I have a deal on both the amp and the speaker so I'll give it a try; I'm gonna try that setup next saturday! I know the WT-300 push 175w into 8ohm; I'm planning on buying another 8ohm (400w); maybe another MB210, a 112 or a 115? That I'll get the full 300w out of my WT300 :bassist:

    Any toughts about that setup? (WT300 + MB210) I'm playing cover rock/alternative songs (from summer 69 to killing in the name). I mainly used a Stingray5.

    Rock'n Roll!! :cool:
  2. Bass_Band


    Aug 2, 2012
    The Eden WT300 is 350$ and I can get a Eden Highwayman 500 for 550$. (I can surely get 50$ off the 300 and between 50$ and 100$ off the Highwayguy). The MarkBass 210HF is 500$; can't go down (I already took 50$ off!) (price in CAN)

    Is it a deal? Is the Highwayman500 is worhty for 500$? I want low weight gear. Am I better to just forget the Eden and go to a new LMIII (very rare to find use)?

    Can't wait to get rid of my fender rumble75!!! Can't wait to drive some real BASS into my band!!!!!! :bassist:


    I love BASS!
  3. pickettj


    Jun 25, 2011
    I hate to burst your bubble, but if my post from earlier is any indication, replies are slow on rig purchase questions. I'm looking at upgrading to a Avatar b410 and Ampeg SVT-7 or SVT-4 and haven't really gotten much feedback yet.

    I'm currently playing through an Acoustic B450 (GC's generic brand). It was a good deal and my first rig so it's worked well and served its purpose but now it's time to move on! I looked at the Eden brand cabs but they seem overpriced for what you are getting. the 4x10 setup from them is $1,100, the 4x10 from Avatar is as low as $500 but can be customized up to nearly $800 shipped. I'd be interested to know what you think when you have this setup. I'm playing in a rock band (stupid video game ruined that phrase) and my guitarists are playing through some monster cabs and I'm getting washed out. My poor little b450 can't move the air I need it to!
  4. The MB 210 cab will be your limiting factor with both amps in my opinion. In a rock group you'll likely need at least a 212 cab or a 410. I'd say buy the cheaper head and look for a better deal on a used 410. The Eden cabs are a great deal on the used market as of late because they're heavy. They sound great and are very efficient. I'd look for a 4 ohm 410 to get the most put of that WT300. Truth be told, many have found the WT300 just a little light on power for loud rock gigs. I gigged in a loud rock group with a WT400 (400 watts RMS) for years with an Eden D410XLT4 cab and didn't have any volume issues. If you can swing it the Hiwayman head could be the last one you'll need to buy. Plenty of power and can be bridged into an 8 ohm cab if I remember correctly. In that case look for a high power 8 ohm 410 cab and just be done with it.

    Also, check the classifieds here on TB. There's great deals to be had on amps. I just bought a MarkBass LM II for $315 with a 4 space SKB rack and a Korg rack tuner shipped to Canada. The Markbass stuff doesn't sound like the Edens though... I love the Eden tone but can't seem to find a used WTX500 anywhere. The LM II will tie me over til I do.
  5. Bass_Band


    Aug 2, 2012
    Hi MothaFunk!

    Thanks for all those advices. WTX500?? WOW! Look so nice, below 5lbs. The highwayman500 is great (you can bridge to 600w 8ohm) but a little heavy (22lbs) in comparison of LMII 4,3lb or Eden WT300 (12lbs).

    Can we get lightweight AND loud with speaker ?? :confused: Agree with you; I'm really afraid to get short on stage with MB210 (I will feel short!). No air moving. I tought about MB210 because I can move around easily with them to practice and gig (40lbs). Maybe with two 210 I'll be OK? Stacked vertically or horizontally. I know MB is overrated but they do make OK lightweigth speaker. I can't go in and out with a 410; I'll need to leave it at practice home (drummer) and don't have any OK rig for side project, practice, jam... :confused: Of course with a 410 on stage I'll feel strong (not like having a MB travelor; I was planning on this at first until I tried one; perfect for in and out jam, practice, little gig but you feel very short in a rock band; agree with you).

    I've set a mix and match with the guy with de MB 210 and the one with de Eden wt300. I dont know what to do with that, I'll do it saturday for sure but I'll get there less excited and more able to deal strong! LOL

    I really like your toughts; I does not have the feeling that the MB210 will be my limiting factor but now I do; I agree with you! MB210 is a good in & out speaker but surely not enough when you need power. I'll maybe grab it anyway for a starter kit; but maybe not. I'm so confused now!!!!!!!! :p :D :bassist: :bassist:

    I'll try to digest your info... I'll come back later!

    Thanks MothaFunk! :)


    Best instrument: Bass
    So easy, only 12 notes.
  6. Russell L

    Russell L

    Mar 5, 2011
    Cayce, SC
    I'd rather see ya have at least 300w at 8 ohms for rock. And, IMO, a 115 will push more air than a 210, depending. The 115 might also have more excursion, depending on the make and model, so you can go louder without farting out.
  7. Bass_Band


    Aug 2, 2012
    My ideal set-up, for now, would be Eden WT-300 + MB210HF + MB115. That way I'll get 300w (150 in each cabs). I'm reaaly not sure about the Wt300 but it seems to be a nice little amp for starter; Even tough I may upgrade soon I could keep it for home practice (line in/headphone) and backup amp.

    I look at class ad, as recommended by Mothafunk, and really great things is going there; true musician selling used stuff at right price. I feel the Eden WT-300 at 300$ is OK but looking at the ads my prospect MB210HF at 500$ seems overpriced.

    About my rig buying project; I just can't forget a tryout at a music store of a TC classic 450 with a TC212 (400w). The stingray5 seems to react well on that set-up and the air was moving around! It was floor model with full warranty, great scratch on amp and speaker, and the vendor finally tells me 1200$ taxin for both. It's lightweight, speaker 40lbs with great handle. The RH450 look nicer and the extra features is great. Honestly its the best lightweight setup I've tried; adding another TC212 or 210 to that would be killer.

    Two thumbs up for talkbass! Mothafunk: You get a really nice deal on that LM2!! I wish I get that one. Problem with the classads; 1- Not so many exp with rigs so I feel I need to try be4 buying 2- CONUS shipping (I'm in Montreal, Canada). How can u tell if the amp/speaker were in good shape?

    Rock'n roll!
  8. Bass_Band


    Aug 2, 2012
    Hi rockers!

    Thanks for the advices rockers!! I finally bought MarkBass 210 HF + Markbass 115 NY + LittleMarkIII; Awesome!

    I bought the Eden WT300 too; 300$ and it is like brand new. The tube pre-amp get me a too warm/round sound for my hard rock/alternativ band and the 300w is not like the 500w of the LittleMarkIII. I got the Eden used and the guy gave me 2 speaker cable, 2 monster low frequency cable and the Eden Wt300 for 300$... As I fake to be unsure about the deal because of the warm/round tone of the Eden (in fact it's a perfect backup amp and wonderful with the headphone option and the line in for practice!); He offer me a pedal in bonus in the deal... I have some bass pedals and I have some knowledge about it... so when I saw is old boss equalizer pedal guitar GE6 (I was happy to see made in japan! 1979) the deal was done! (I was right about BOSS Japan made pedal; peace of history!).

    I just came back from my second rehearsal with my band... I can finally breathe; so far away in comparison with the rumble 75... I cab take my place with the LittleMarkIII and the 2 cabs. It seems like my bass sound glued the band together! Bass is wonderful!! The singer is like 2 times stronger since my new rig. The frequency and the power of the rig is like magic!! I tought at first, before the fist reharseal with the new stuff, that it was too powerful but I was wrong! We have a nice lumberjack drummer, I killer lead guitar and a clean rythm guitar with great voice (awesome how is voice strenght change since bass rig lift the band). Markbass is perfect for me!!

    Pics of my rig to come!!!

    Rock'n roll!

    MusicMan Stingray V
    Fender P-Bass (Double Hip-Shot + swich parrallel mode)
    MarkBass 210 HF
    MarkBass 115 NY
    Rumble 75
  9. Hey hey, who you calling a Rocker!! Lol. Glad it worked out for you. Sounds like a very capable rig! Enjoy!

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