MarkBass 410HR vs. Eden D410XLT

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  1. I've been shopping for a cab for a few weeks, and have turned down a few thanks to the forums here.

    Next up are a MarkBass 410 HR barely used for $450, or an Eden D410XLT well-used, but not damaged, for $350.

    What'cha think?
  2. The Eden will sound better, but the Markbass will be weight friendly. I had markbass cabinets and they work great for smaller to medium venues, but when we started playing larger (and outdoor) venues, I found the Eden 410XLT just did a better job. Larger cabs just handle the lower frequencies better than smaller enclosures.
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    Sep 26, 2012
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    I loved the MarkBass 104HR so much I bought a second one. Unreal tone and volume for the weight.

    The Markbass has more low end on tap than I'll ever need -- and I play loud rock/metal tuned down to CGCF -- so whether or not the Eden can handle more is irrelevant for my purposes. Unless you are detuning a five string beyond Low B at high volumes or otherwise have abnormal needs, I wouldn't consider that to be much of a factor.
  4. There's also a used Mesa Boogie 410 Diesel priced at $400. I see nothing but rave reviews about those...
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    The Mesa Diesel is pure awesome, of the 3.
  6. Mesa Diesel is one of the best. If you can pick that up for $400 and you don't mind the weight - you won't find a better sounding 4x10 cab.
  7. That's kind of hard to say. If they took the picture with their flash on, it "grays" out flat (or matted) black. In this case, even the black cabinets are appearing lighter than normal. You will just have to ask the seller. Mesa does use lighter black/grey speakers though - as well as black.