Markbass 4x10 OR Bergantino AE410

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  1. Sorry to spring another This vs That thread on everyone, but I searched and couldn’t find much comparing these two cabs. I had been planning to add a 4 ohm Markbass 104HF which is their front ported 4x10 cab (also considering the rear ported 104HR). I would be running it with either my LMII or F1. However, I have seen a few Bergantino AE410’s come up used here on TB, and the MB cab is out of stock until August 21 at least so this has me thinking.

    Does anyone have any experience with both of these cabs they could provide. I am mostly a P-bass guy ranging from 62RI P with flats, fretless P w/ flats, P w/ rounds, to Amer Dlx P (this is as “Modern” sounding as I get).

    My tone goals are to get clear and well defined low end while remaining punchy and being able to cut though a disorganized mix. Not really looking for a lot of “sheen” on top.

    I’m mostly a church player and believe that a good mix consists of a nice vocal blend placed on the foundation of the bass, which does need to allow for the kick drum (below it frequency-wise). The guitars and keys are frosting on the cake and can have whatever space is leftover.

    Thanks for your help.

  2. Hmmm

    Possible, the AE410 might not be right. I do hear of them being quite aggressive. In the UK Bergs are quite a lot more money wise.
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    Well let me start off by saying I do have an AE410 for sale fairly local to you so don't take this as a sales pitch. I frequently use my LMII and AE410 and it's an awesome match. I also know that several other TB'rs use this combo and also with an F1. This cab also sounds fantastic with my DB750. This cab is a cutting machine while still providing beautiful lows and top end.

    I've tried several Markbass cabs at Guitar Center and I just don't like them much even with MB heads. They sound congested to me. They make work fine in a 'mix' but I never got that far. Love the heads don't like the cabs much. JMHO.

    The AE is beautifully engineered and truly the only Neo loaded cab that I've really liked. I hesitate to sell mine but having tried the Berg HS410 the other day I felt it was a slightly better fit for my needs even though it's 23 or so pounds heavier. The other reason is now my band is using a single powered sub and I can only haul the sub and my small Schroeder 15L. When I get a bigger vehicle the AE or HS which ever I have is coming back to work.

    Also... I somtimes string one of my Jazz basses with flats an it sound great through the rig. I don't think you'd be disappointed at all with the AE and it for sure has a better resale than the MB cabs IMO.

    edit: the link to my cab if you want to look.
  4. Hi Big String, thanks for the reply. I did see your ad for the AE410 and that's one of the reasons I started this thread. How far are you from Indy. I'm just west of town, in Hendricks county. Do you ever get down this way? I've read so much positive stuff about the AE410 I think I should find a way to check it out before I plunk down money on a cab.

    Hopefully Ken and Jimmy will chime in here soon with their input too.

  5. Hello! I haven't chimed in since I really only spent limited time in a GC with the larger, front ported Markbass 410. So, not much to say on that one. It did sound a bit dark and 'middy' to me. Not horrible by any means, but it didn't really speak to me, at least in that short trial.

    As most know, I LOVE the F1/LMII with the AE410, but it is a punchy beast which some find a bit much. It is quite upper mid present, but the LMII/F1 upper mid control is in the EXACT right place (around 800hz) to even/smooth it out.

    It's not a 'big' sounding cab, but is full, loud and punchy, and sounds great if you like that 'hear the windings on the E string' sort of present tone (versus, for example, the more boom and click of the Epi410UL voicing).

    The only other comment is to make SURE you get a padded cover if you go the AE410 route. The finish looks beautiful, but it will ding up in and out of a van or car without a cover.
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    Ah! So you've discovered the magic that a DB750 + HS410 can bring!

    To the OP: The two best 4X10" cabinets I've ever played through are the HS410 and AE410, with the HS410 slightly winning because of its tighter low end and more pleasant tweeter. Markbass cabs, on the other hand, aren't anywhere near the caliber of their amps (IMO). The above statements (dark/congested sounding) are what I've found as well, and I can think of at least 8 other 4X10's that I'd take over the Markbass without thinking twice.
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    Well I wouldn't exactly call it was magic but the HS did sound better to me with the DB750 by a smaller margin. I liked the extra pounding in the lower register a bit better, but the AE sounds great with the DB750 and makes me hesitate a bit because it's so easy to move.

    Plus the AE is the sexiest looking cab out there today and I've had absolutely no issues with the finish. True you have to be a bit more protective of the finish compared to 'rat fur' but I've bumped the cab a couple times and it had no affect on the gorgeous finish. That script B on the side is just so cool (it stands for Big, as in Big String btw :D :ninja:)

    Edit: As Ken said though it's better to have a padded cover, and I do!
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    Hi John
    Pm'ing you
  9. Bump to include comparisons with the Markbass rear ported 4x10 cab (104HR). A friend of mine has the 4 ohm version of that cab so a comparison to it would help as well. Thanks.

  10. Here is an update with some more testing by me. I borrowed a friend’s Markbass rear ported 4x10 (104HR) 4 ohm cab and really like the way it sounds. I like the present but smooth lows and low-mids it produced. I also found it has just about the right amount of high-mids and highs (these were not too dominant, harsh or over-bearing for my tastes).

    I also did a comparison of the LMII with the F1 I have under 30 day evaluation from GC. I compared the two with various cabs and P basses and found that I preferred the LMII in every case. I really preferred the warmth the LMII brings. The F1 is going back, and I may try a LMTube. Based on all this, I’m not sure that the AE 410 is going to be for me. I’d like to get more opinions though so keep ‘em coming.