Markbass amp repair in NY

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    Oct 4, 2018
    Good day my brothers in bass,

    Maybe this was obvious to others, but after a couple of very friendly and customer service oriented conversations, I learned that Davidson Electronics in Plainview, NY could repair my 5 year old, recently burned up at practice without any warning, MarkBass Tube 800 amp. These guys are so on their game that you want to keep it a secret! Now, to be fair, this amp, although treated very delicately, did see above average use for 5 years, including running two 4x10 cabs for loud, 3 hour gigs. Here in Western New York climate, it was subject to extremes of temperature and humidity. At first I was disappointed to have this amp melt down, and I thought, "well, no more Mark amps". However, after having my amp serviced and returned to me with brand new guts (yes, all new inside) in about one week, at a total cost of $378.89, I am happy again. I know that isn't cheap, but it is a new amp for less than used amps go for. If you have the pleasure of dealing with these guys, you will see what I mean. They are bass player worthy, LOL.

    Now, Davidson Electronics is listed on the Mark site, but I found it a little confusing. So I e-mailed MarkBass in Italy, in both Italian and English. They replied in ,<24 hours. They do speak English. Also very impressive customer service; worth mentioning.

    For newer players and those considering Mark:

    The Tube 800 is a formidable beast, and with the 4x10 cab is all you would ever need, and you will likely sound better than most rigs at around 50 pounds. The full 800 watts through two 4x10 cabs is enough for outdoor gigs and crushing the loudest drummer, or playing very clean in smaller venues. I find this amp to have ample headroom, and to be "musical". Downside: They are more expensive than some "comparable" choices. The Quilter Bass Block costs $100 less at least, 3 pounds lighter, flatter sounding, and not as loud.

    Always have back up amp for gigs; no reason not to with all these new Class D amps.

    I hope that helps you all, or at least makes you more informed.

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