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Markbass and DV Mark heads and cabs in the UK

Discussion in 'Lost & Stolen Gear' started by MoJoKe, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. MoJoKe


    Jan 26, 2012
    There has been a significant theft of Markbass and DV Mark heads and cabs from a truck, while they were in transit to the UK distributor, MSL Professional. 22 heads and cabinets have been stolen, and there is a reward on offer for any help/information leading to the recovery and apprehension of the thieving swine...

    The models and serial numbers are as follows:

    Description Serial No
    New York 121 V5006094
    Little Mark III R1011926
    Little Mark III R1011928
    Little Marcus 250 S5M000678
    Little Marcus R2M001265
    Little Marcus 800 R3M001013
    New York 121 V5006091
    New York 121 V5006092
    Little Mark 250 Black S5C010066
    Little Mark 250 Black S5C010067
    Micro Mark 801 M8A008175
    Micro Mark 801 M8A008177
    Micro Mark 801 M8A008178
    Micro Mark 801 M8A008179
    Micro Mark 801 M8A008180
    Micro Mark 801 M8A008182
    Micro Mark 801 M8A008183
    Micro Mark 801 M8A008184
    Micro Mark 801 M8A008185
    DV Micro 50 II J9G000450
    DV Little GH J9C000785
    DV Little GH J9C000786

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