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  1. Booz


    Aug 14, 2018
    Been trying to find decent cab covers for my 104hf and traveller 151p. I've found one for the 104hf on guitar center's site, but wont be in stock until October. They have none for the 151.

    Also have seen some sites offering custom covers, but am a bit skeptical. Would really like to get a 'matched' set, but am quickly realizing this might not be possible.

    Looking for any recommendations if you've found decent covers for either a 104hf or traveler 151p.

    Thanks in advance for any help!
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    Nov 19, 2007
    boston, ma
    Check with tuki covers/amplifier covers dot com. The tuki side is the padded covers, the ampcovers site is leather covers, they’re the same company. Nice people, easy to work with, anything already listed on the site will ship within a day or two of ordering. I’ve had them do padded and leather covers for a number of amps and cabs including some custom cut stuff. Actually just got a cover for a cab in the mail last week.

    Tuki Covers - Shop Padded Amp Covers and Speaker Covers

    Custom Amp Covers
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    Ditto on Tuki/Custom Amp Covers. Nothing to really add there.

    LeCover is also fantastic, and they offer a few colors on their padded covers. They have a more 'fabric' feel than Tuki, which has a more 'foamy' feel.

    StudioSlips are also great covers. A step above the others, but costs a little more. The Clamshell is a great option if you want full coverage.

    I have multiple covers from all 4 companies and like them all for different reasons.
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  6. Roqsolid from the UK.