SOLD Markbass CMD 121P neo bass combo, (1x12) MINT! 500 watts, 28 pounds

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    Here is a barely used Markbass CMD 121P NEO bass combo amp in just about mint condition. This was soley used in my home studio for teaching, and never on the road or gigged, still looks and sounds like new. Very powerful, clean and deep sounding 1x12 w/tweeter combo amp. 350 watts @ 8ohms, massive 500 watts @ 4ohms with ext cabinet plugged in. Rear ported....weighs only 28 pounds!! Has yellow powder coated grille. Total killer little bass rig...highly acclaimed as one of the best 1x12's on the planet by Bass Player Magazine. This one is like new at about 1/2 the cost of a new one.

    Price is $525...sorry, not looking for lowball offers. I might take a $300 Fender mim Jazz or Precision Bass as a partial trade plus the diff in cash from you.

    SORRY, I CAN'T SHIP THIS ONE...PICKUP ONLY. Located near Allentown PA (zip 18051)


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    Nice price for a quality mini-rig. Trusted seller, too. !
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    May 4, 2009
    Sebring, Florida
    Wish I was closer!
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