Markbass F1/Schroeder 115L+ Clip

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  1. Hey guys. I'm going a little wild with my new Zoom Q3 video recorder (nice unit... pretty accurate sound, decent video quality).

    I put up a thread a long time ago when I got my Schroeder 115L+ with a review and pictures, but never had the capability of doing a sound clip until recently. Since this is a unique cab (the size of a 112, the volume of a 212 IMO and IME), I thought I'd post up a clip.

    I use the Markbass F1 with this cab. The cab is quite tight and a bit low end attenuated. It is mid punchy, but MUCH more even than the 'baffle' Schroeder cabs. However, it does need some EQ to widen it out. The EQ for the recording is set similar to how I gig this rig:

    Bass.... 1 o'clock (40hz wide Q)
    Low Mid.... 11 o'clock (380hz)
    High Mid.... 11 o'clock (800hz)
    treble.... flat

    VPF.... 9 o'clock (to help widen the tone out a bit more)
    VLE.... 9 o'clock (to eliminate the extra upper treble that the VPF boosts... dialing in more will soften the aggressive top end of this cab if that's your thing).

    This cab is about 30 pounds, is 4ohm (400 watts power handling.. perfect for the MB heads), and is a true 'large gig one hander'. It is growly and tight, so it won't be for everyone, but this clip is a pretty good representation of the tone. It is GREAT for difficult schlepps and sounds beautiful in a mix. You can't get around physics, so it is a compromise (it is a VERY small box), but it won't crap out, fart out or give it up like most 112's when pushed. It's actually about the same size and lighter than an Epi112UL!

    The all time winner IMO for 'loud, small, and light', and it takes EQ nicely without breaking up, so you get 'reasonable low' also.

    I dig it! The bass is my Alleva-Coppolo LG5 (alder/RW/singles in 60's position with DR Lo Rider Nickels... well broken in).
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    What did you have the gain and master on ?
  3. Well, gain is dependent on each individual bass and playing style. With this bass (relatively low output), and my relatively light touch, noon works great... i.e., hot enough for good 'signal to noise', but clean. Master was very low, below 9 o'clock, since I was just recording a clip in the living room. It was still loud as heck!
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    That's a great little rig for that bass I can't wait to get a chance to listen on decent speakers
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    I assume you mean Zoom Q3 opposed to G3?
  6. Edited and fixed.. thanks. Great little unit IMO!
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    Terrific picture and sound quality. Rig sounds great too.
  8. Thanks! I've been having fun posting up clips of the TecAmp, TC, MB, etc. stuff.

    I am CLUELESS about recording. This is a literally 'take it out of the box, turn it on, point, and play' sort of thing, and the uploads are easy (it just becomes an external drive when connected to the PC... copy the clip to a directory, rename, and upload!). The auto volume adjuster even seems to work well, but you need to play a few notes in pause mode prior to recording to 'set the level', or you get a nasty 'gank' on the first note. No big deal there.

    I have gotten so many PM's over the last couple years about this cab, since it seems almost too good to be true. In a way, it is, since the 'small, loud, or low'... you can have two of three kicks in. So, it is fussy... bass too bright or aggressive, and it will saw your ears off, head with the mid EQ center points in the wrong spot, or not enough deep bass EQ power, and it will sound nasal and thin. But man, if you get the mix and match right, and enjoy more 'grind, growl and articulation' versus putting a pillow under the band, it is a very cool little box. You can talk about the tone for days, but sometimes with a 'voiced' piece of gear like this, you really do kind of need to hear it IMO.
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    Third St. Cigar Records staff musician.
    When I owned that cab, my passive Jazz through a GK700RB sure did'nt sound like that ! I could'nt get it to sound chunky at all. Now that I own an F1, may be I should reconsider? ;)
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    Nice clip Ken! Your clip sounds a bit more polite than what I'm used to with my 15+L, but I imagine that has a lot to do with my primary bass' tonality than anything.

    The 15+L really is an impressive cab if you don't need tons of bottom end.
  11. This cab is pretty fussy. It can sound pretty nasty with some combinations. I sure do like it with the F1. Again, you have to EQ it a bit, but it isn't a big deal.

    However, I'd only recommend this cab to those who are very sensitive to size and weight. That's the context I use it in... unusually hard schlepps, very small stages where I still need volume, or having my stuff shipped to a gigging location in a van (they LOVE the size of it in those situations).
  12. +1 With my ash maple basses, it can get very snarly and skanky! The LG I used in the clip is very smooth and creamy sounding.. alder/RW.. old school!
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    jnewmark Just wanna play the groove. Supporting Member

    Aug 31, 2006
    Stax 1966
    Third St. Cigar Records staff musician.
    Yeah, I just noticed that Jorg is making a 215 version. I'm wondering if he is using the same drivers? Pricing does'nt make alot of sense to me. $675 apiece for the 15+ ( $1350 for two ), or $ 975 for the 215, same spl.
  14. Two small cabs always cost more than a single double driver cab (i.e., two Berg AE210's versus an AE410).... more woodwork, more time for the application of the spray covering, and labor in general, an additional crossover and tweeter, etc.

    Not sure about the pricing on these... it's been a while since I bought mine. I'm pretty sure Jorg will discount those prices a bit.
  15. RBASS930


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    I used to run a pair of 4ohm 15+L's with a Carvin B800. That rig kicked some serious booty. Thanks for making me miss my 15+L's :spit:
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    Jan 20, 2006
  17. puff father

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    Very cool, Ken. Not enough clips out there for all of us shopping for equipment. TF 550 w/Berg AE410 for instance! ;)

    PS: Your AC looks and sounds terrific.
  18. Altitude

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    That's a great clip, Ken. I'm surprised at how full that cab sounds. Does it maintain the same tonal balance at gig volume, or does the low end compress?
  19. UncleBalsamic


    Jul 8, 2007
    That LG5 is a hell of a bass!
  20. Thanks guys! The A-C is cool!

    And.. that is the BEST thing about this cab. It doesn't compress like most other small cabs when really pushed... maybe due to the tight low end to begin with, or maybe more xmax due to the large 15" driver? Not sure why, but it stays very consistent, even when slapped at relatively high volume.