Markbass Heads Bi-Amping/Slaving Method(s)

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  1. (The other threads didn't quite answer my question)

    So I put two heads in a rack together to have a backup and for convenience (the heads are small, and there's a nice amount of space on their sides in the rack case for cables and stuff.)...
    ..But of course, I'm a raging bass junkie like the rest of us, so now I'm obsessed with the idea of running more cabs, or cabs independently and EQ'ed differently from each other since I've got both heads together using both heads, blah blah blah..
    So I'm curious about the rear outputs of the Markbass heads, and where they actually come from and enter in the signal chain.
    Is the tuner out of the Tube800 after the pre-amp? It must be after the gain, because there are two gain inputs and only one tuner out...but is it after the Tube/SS blend knob? If so, then I figure to go from the tuner out of the Tube800 to the FX input of the LittleMark III. But if it's the dry line from the instrument, running it to the front input of the LittleMark III would skip the effect of the Tube/SS blend of the Tube800's pre-amp.
    ..and so if that were the case, I'd then want to run the FX out of the Tube800 to the FX in of the LittleMark III...but would that impact the performance of the Tube800 to have nothing returning to its FX in?
    I'm assuming all of the EQ controls including the VLF stuff on the right are after the FX loop?
    My goal is to send the pre-amped signal from the Tube800 to the LittleMark III, without using the line out XLR. (I don't want to split that line out or use the one from the secondary amp, I want to keep the line out from the Tube800 as trouble-free as possible for recording and FOH)
    ...and let's please not turn this in a 4x10+1x15 debate just because this rig is so awesome :p
    Markbass Rig.jpg
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    tuner out is usually a buffered output from just input jack. be better go fx out to fx in. since you'd get the preamp signal and gain. and going fx in is essentially using it as a slave/power amp.

    using 2 different eqs and 2 different amps is really just a mess been there done that. real bi amp would be using a active crossover which sends highs/ low to proper speakers.

    peavey use to make a bi amp effects pedal. otherwise you could use a rack mounted active crossover for pa systems.
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  3. makes outside of maybe running extra cabs for ridiculous volume, not much sense in it really, huh...
  4. Well I do gotta say, i just tried the FX out of the tube to the FX in of the LMIII and ran the two cabs in the photo independently from each amp and it sounds pretty awesome...there's something to be said for being able to adjust the levels of mixmatched cabs independently. I keep my amp EQs pretty much flat, but i did bump the lows up on the 15 just a tiny bit

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