SOLD Markbass Little Mark II amp head (Toronto, Canada)

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  1. For sale is a Markbass Little Mark II amp head.

    The amp has been 100% reliable since I first bought it about two years ago and is in perfect functioning condition. I'm only selling it because I've replaced it with a two-channel LMK.

    Aesthetically, in the interest of full disclosure, there are a few small scuffs on the bottom from resting on top of a cab with a handle. A few of the corners have some scuffing as well, but overall, it is very good cosmetically. I have always treated my gear with good care, and this is no exception.

    The amp will ship securely in a Markbass box (albeit, for the LMK, since I have long tossed the box for the LMII).

    I am located in Toronto, Canada, and would prefer a sale within the country.

    Price is $450 CAD shipped to Canada. Payment preferred by Interac email money transfer (as opposed to Paypal).

    For the US, going rate seems to be $400 USD plus shipping from Canada, payment by Paypal.
  2. Sold.
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