SOLD Markbass Little Mark III 500 watt (please read amp condition)

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    Please read: this amp has a problem with the speaker output (speakon out). It seems like the connection is a bit loose so you need to fiddle with the angle of the cable a bit. Once its set up then the speaker will remain connected as long as you dont move the amp around too much.

    I have not bothered opening it up or taking it to a technician so it could be an easy fix, just dont feel like repairing it since I already have a replacement. Everything else on this amp works great.

    If you are in Los Angeles you can come check it out

    EDIT: Because I have been asked a lot about this. ONLY the "Speakon" speaker output is kind of finnicky. The 1/4 class 2 wiring output is working just fine.

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