SOLD Markbass Little Mark Tube 500W

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    Markbass Little Mark Tube


    • Some faint scuff marks on the top of the amp (so faint they are hard to photograph). Still, see second photo for more details

    The Little Mark Tube gives the warmth and richness of a tube preamp, or the clean attack of a solid state preamp… or a mix of both! On the front panel there are also two inputs with separate gain controls: one 1/4” jack, and one combo jack that accepts either a XLR or 1/4” cable. Additional features include switchable 48V phantom power for the XLR input, solid-state/tube mix control, four bands of equalization, VLE and VPF filters, line out level control, pre-post EQ switch for the XLR out (on rear panel), and mute control (push-pull on the master knob).




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    Great amp at a great price.
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    I'm interested, PM'd!