SOLD Markbass Minimark 802

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    Dec 22, 2008
    North Delaware
    Like new Minimark 802.

    Used for home & band rehearsal and a few gigs. Sounds great; loud, rich, and full. More than enoug for smaller gigs, or larger with an ext cab or PA support.

    I just bought this in January to augment my collection, but with my Minimark 602 (also for sale on TB) I realize I do not need both; and either works for me.

    I'll cover US shipping to the lower 48.
    Discount for local pickup. Cash or PayPal.

    Info from Markbass site:

    The Minimark has been astounding people since its first introduction at NAMM some years ago. The Minimark 802 is even more sonically impressive, with an incredible warm and focused sound thanks to the two 8" custom woofers and an onboard piezo tweeter.

    The Minimark 802 is a brilliant choice for rehearsing, practicing, teaching and recording and it can be used also on gigs, of course! It is also ideal for double bass and acoustic bass, with a faithfully reproduction of acoustic instruments.

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  2. DrSteve

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    Dec 22, 2008
    North Delaware
    Sold pending Payment.