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  1. I was surprised to see made in Indonesia on the back of my CMD121p. When did they start making them there. I was trying to get away from far east gear. Anyone have any issues with newer Mark Bass amps.
  2. telecopy


    Dec 6, 2009
    Bummer. I guess that's the way it goes. If you are seriously dissatisfied, return it. The customer is always right...
  3. Right_Butterscotch64


    Oct 18, 2012
    Markbass was probably using parts and boards from Indo. anyway.
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  4. telecopy


    Dec 6, 2009
    I was curious about Tecamp's 20% price drop earlier this year. I emailed Glenn of Austin Bass Traders about it. He assured me Tecamp is made in Germany despite the price drop. I always figured Markbass was Italian to the end. It seemed to be a bragging point with them. I really respect the American companies that still assemble here. I realize the components and boards are most likely Asian. But I like the idea of Americans assembling, testing, and shipping my gear.
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    Out there!
    IIRC, the Black line stuff is Chinese, correct? Is your a BL?

    More and more, I am selling off non US made MI gear and replacing with US made product. I recently was in the market for a small tube guitar amp and ended up buying a Swart that is built really nicely, and sounds wonderful, too. :cool: Hmm, maybe Michael can make a nice bass head and combo amp to add to his great line of guitar amps?
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    Feb 22, 2013
    I'm not trying to troll or get in a pissing contest, but why are Americans so concerned with things being "Made in America" while the rest of the world isn't as concerned about country of origin as long as the product is good quality and functions properly?
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    I believe the BlackLine range is made in Indonesia and thus more affordable.

    I was told this when I bought my Littlemark 250 BlackLine.

    I was also told it is exactly the same design and parts, just cheaper labour costs.

    I only have the word of my trusted bass shop salesman/tech so don't take it as gospel.

    My amp is very well made and performs brilliantly, fingers crossed hehe
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    The USA shipped off SO much of its industry to other countries I guess we like seeing some come back or stay here. Would be nice if we exported at least as much as we import. My take on it anyway.
  9. Hi.

    Simple, they're American ;).

    To expand on B-string's reply a bit.
    For obvious reasons, after the WWII USA became the place of manufacture of almost everything.
    There was plenty of resources, so the cost of manufacturing was low.
    When the balance started to shift after a decade or two for multiple reasons, it was brushed off as a "temporary" until it was way too late to actually do anything about it.

    The present day generations, with their virtually unlimited information sources, do realize it better and are paying the huge price.
    Being unable to do anything about it pisses 'em off, and for a good reason if You ask me.

    Without venturing too badly on the non-approved topics on TB, IMO the real question should be: what after the Far East?

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  10. Pride ?

    Nothing wrong with that...

    (I'm an Aussie btw)
  11. telecopy


    Dec 6, 2009
    It is a matter of pride for some. Not all people care. Some really care. I guess it is kind of an old idea. Made in anywhere but America meant poor quality. I know that is not always true. I personally like the idea of fellow-Americans making products. Being working-class American gives me a feeling of kinship with fellow working-class Americans. I don't know how else to explain it.
  12. My sunglasses are Italian and so is my horse.
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  13. Trust don't want that...Canada relies on exports for their economy and it's killing our industries & laws locally. :( We get raped with NAFTA & FIPA...the US & China can effectively sue Canada if we don't make their partnership profitable. -_- So, regardless of what the people want, we're stuck with these stupid trade agreements because of our governments.
  14. AaronVonRock


    Feb 22, 2013
    I get that, but the US has a hard time exporting many Made in America products simply because the quality is so-so. Good luck trying to convince Japanese or Germans to buy American cars. It's not the 1950s anymore. The rest of the world has caught up to the US (and in some cases surpassed it) when it comes to quality manufactured goods.
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  15. hsech

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    Jun 27, 2012
    Central Iowa
    That's just the way some of us old timers roll. I'll make the exception for a Japan bass but that's about it. One man's quality issue is another man's perfect bass.
  16. B-string

    B-string Supporting Member

    I've been pretty happy with my MIM Jazz now that I have replaced the pickups, bridge, wiring to the jack and repaired the truss rod :D.
  17. Arjank


    Oct 9, 2007
    Above Amsterdam
    It's not only the US that will let their products assemble in Asia, most EU companies do the same. If you want to sell your equipment at the lowest possible price you need to get it assembled as cheap as possible.
    I don't care if my Focusrite is made in China or my Ibanez is build in Indonesia or my Bugera BVP5500 is build in China, they are all great products with excellent price/performance ratio, they would still be very good products if their price was twice as high. I also own one american made product, the BBE Bmax-T and it has given me more trouble then the Bugera.......
  18. Meh.
    I don't care if something is made outside my country. I do care if a company is cutting prices by exploiting workers from poorer countries, while simultaneously putting people out of work here.
    I don't mind buying Chinese gear from Chinese companies. I do mind buying Chinese gear from italian/US/whatever companies.

    Well, at least this puts me at ease.

    Hi Markbass fans, here Marco explains our way to work and our philosophy.

    There are few things, which need to be discussed before we explain the reason why we decided to start manufacturing some of our Markbass products in Indonesia:

    1. The economical crises, which Europe has been straggling with for the last five years, brought about a very different scenario for all small/medium size companies, especially in Italy, where manufacturing has become very expensive.

    2. Many suppliers have closed down their businesses or they are no longer in the position to support their clients due to a lack of cash flow, putting monthly productions as well as delivery times at risk.

    3. The supply time for all single components went from few weeks to several months, due the fact that the manufacturers (mainly of electronic components) have been focusing their attention primarily on Asian, American and European markets in general, leaving the Italian market at the very end.
    Lots of suppliers dramatically reduced their presence inside the Italian market, forcing their clients to place orders sometimes 8 months ahead of time!!!

    4. Raw materials like wood have become more and more expensive, and inside a niche market like the Musical Instruments Market, we couldn’t any longer compete with other manufacturers.

    5. Almost entirely, manufacturers are now manufacturing in Asia.

    6. Markbass never increased its price list since 2001. Offering the best products at fair prices is part of our core strategy.

    7. Our product quality has been a stable datum and it hasn’t been compromised.

    8. We didn’t want to lay off any of our workers.

    Markbass brings INNOVATION to the Asian manufacturing system.

    After taking under consideration all of the above, two years ago we started a cooperation with a well-known Indonesian company. We already had some sort of relationship with them because of our distribution in that part of the world, and we also knew them well because of their partnership with other companies very close to us.

    At the beginning of these two years we started manufacturing only few components of our products. Once we were really sure of the product quality, we increased our production to all parts.
    Our engineers and product specialists have been monitoring the manufacturing process since the very beginning, and they are always present during the assembling of all our products.

    Our products are the same products as before: their quality hasn’t changed. We insisted that we kept using only components in line with our strategy and technical specifications.

    We brought over our quality control/testing system, built a specialized unit and trained the workers one by one.
    Our engineers have now daily exchanges of communication with the Indonesian technicians.

    THE BIG NEWS: a cost for everyone else, an added value for Markbass.

    Since the very beginning we decided to inspect all the products manufactured in Asia once they arrive in Italy. Despite the big cost of this operation, we felt it was a very important step to guarantee the quality of our products. No other companies do a secondary inspection of their products once in Italy!!!
    Markbass not only opens and inspects every single product received from Indonesia. We also test every single one like it was manufactured in Italy. Our technicians do the testing, and we say with pride that they are the most reliable technicians in the world, with a knowledge that comes from passion and a lot of experience.


    Markbass has increased its quality. Not only did the Asian production evolve and become more and more specialized with the contribution of our technicians, we also noticed another significant increase in the overall quality of our products due to our “double testing system”. Each and every one of our products, which comes from Indonesia, is re-tested in Italy and labeled: Tested in Italy. Every product is tested 100% twice!

    All the components stayed the same: from the speakers to the condensers, which we choose and test one by one; as well as from the transformers to all the other components.

    When we started to manufacture in Asia we came to know that a lot of our competitors products were less expensive, not only because the labor was less expensive, the quality of their components were also cheaper and of a less quality.

    With our Asian production, we were able to increase the quality of our products. We spent time and money explaining to our Indonesian partners that we didn’t want a cheaper product; we wanted to guarantee that our know-how and knowledge would stay the same and possibly become better.

    Nobody at Markbass has been laid off. On the contrary: our staff has been increased with a couple of young engineers that now work with us full time!!! The human factor is very important to us and it will always come first!


    It is no longer possible for us to label “made in Italy” on some of our products. But we guarantee you that our production system is UNIQUE and, statistics at hand, our quality is even better than before. I challenge anybody to find any difference between the two productions, starting from the felt we use… Our Indonesian partner told us that nobody uses that quality of felt!!!

    Any difference that might exist between the two productions is due to internal decisions taken not because the products were going to be manufactured in Asia, but for technical reasons and for the improvement of the quality itself.

    This needs to be stated one more time: no other company re-opens and re-checks their products manufactured in Asia!
    At Markbass, every products delivered to the final customer, has been prior inspected by a specialized Markbass operator.

    We continue to take responsibly in delivering to our customers only quality products, fully and utterly checked in Italy.
    Thanks to our methods and our philosophy we are able to keep growing, keep sustaining our R&D in all the MarkWorld technology fields.
    We have a state of the art laboratory able to keep the same price-quality standard we always had.

    We say it loud: “re-tested in Italy”!!!
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  19. Arjank


    Oct 9, 2007
    Above Amsterdam
    Good read!
  20. yeah, interesting read and a detailed mission statement addressing the 'new global reality".
    Markbass makes great stuff, and it sounds like Marco and co. have the consumer, financial, tech-standards and employee considerations (all of them daunting)
    worked out well.
    GK went through that bad China period and then pulled back here, and now they're on course again. sounds like Markbass invested resources in training and QC upfront, and that's made a big difference. Best of luck to 'em!!

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