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  1. Tweaker27


    Aug 28, 2014
    New Haven, CT
    So... I'm using a Markbass Little Marcus 800 head into a Phil Jones C8 (8ohm) Cabinet.

    The head puts out 800w into 4ohms (and 500w into 8ohms)
    The C8 is an 8ohm cab that handles 800w

    I like the sound, but, I'm looking for a little more "oomph."
    I'm thinking of getting a Phil Jones C4 cab (8ohm 400w) to add on top to create a little more height and take advantage of the full power of the head. And, it would allow me flexibility to take different cabs to different situations.

    My question is...
    Can I run the Markbass head with JUST a C4 cab?
    I ask because that would be 500w going into a cab rated for 400w

  2. SJan3


    Dec 8, 2010
    Sure you can. In fact, I seriously doubt the head is delivering 500 watts @8 ohms.
    Most other heads deliver half of their power at 8 ohms and you have to be pushing the head to it's limits to evoke concern. Use your ears. Listen for any real breakup and back off if it even happens.
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  3. I've seen other PJB users adding PJB cab after PJB cab looking for more oomph. I'd recommend moving to one or two single 12 cabs. My personal favourite compact single 12 is the Markbass NY121P. A pair with your Little Marcus would have enough oomph for any reasonable situation.
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  4. Another thing to consider is how your amp output power will be shared between the C4 and C8 cabs. Both would receive half and therefore the C4 drivers would each receive twice the power seen by those in the C8 which doesn't feel well balanced to me. Better to use two similar cabs IMO.
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  5. Tweaker27


    Aug 28, 2014
    New Haven, CT
    So, you're saying it would be better to have two C8s or two C4s, but one of each is not an ideal situation.
    But, I was thinking of it like someone throwing a 8ohm 4x10 over a 8ohm 1x15. Why is that different?
  6. Yes, that is exactly what I am saying. Pairing a 410 with a 115 cab is not ideal either. You will find many threads on here discussing the subject.
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