For Sale Markbass s450 Head, and Accugroove tri110

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  1. work it

    work it

    May 18, 2004
    Nova Scotia
    Hello all PRICES IN CDN

    MarkBass s450 CDN

    I am Selling a Markbass head, bought just before they switched over to the D class stuff. Sounds great, always kept in this road case. Used never abused

    Accugroove tri 110 500 CDN

    Always paired with the Markbass

    Great very small full range cab, not many available in Canada. This is in great shape, with some pilling from the amp cover being taken off / on.

    Both come with the case / cover. the head cover is in good shape but has some wear. The accugroove cover is in pretty good shape.

    Im looking for an east coast atlantic bubble sale, but if you want to ship, I dont mind putting in the effort.

    I am happy to sell as a pair at a better price
    rig for sale 1 .jpg Rig for sale 2 .jpg rig for sale 3 .jpg rig for sale 4 .jpg rig for sale 5.jpg
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