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Markbass TTE 800 (Randy Jackson Signature)

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by musicplz, Sep 27, 2013.

  1. musicplz


    Sep 27, 2013

    Now that this beauty has been on the market a year or two, any thoughts (Good or Bad) on this amp?

    I play 2-3 gigs per week so I'm looking for a light but tough head. I'm not willing to compromise the sound tho.

    Looking for a warm and rich vintage sound. Can this amp do the trick or not?

    If not, any suggestions?

    Thanks a lot! Looking forward to hear from you guys!
  2. 0557


    Apr 12, 2004
    I've got one, love it !
    It's going through an MB CL108 cab (discontinued) it delivers almost too much headroom but the tone is a combo of modern/vintage but you can adjust the color to suit your taste. Bass Mid treble are passive with
    very subtle cut/boost. It's very warm, full, round and punchy. The comp is great, set around 1:00
    O'clock, color off, Bass-11 Mid flat treble-flat,
    In active mode.
    Haven't tried the the pre stage overdrive yet.
    Master is never past 9:00 o'clock.
  3. huckleberry1


    Jul 1, 2013
    Mesquite, Texas
    I have seen threads in here that you should DEFINATELY read such as Markbass customer service. Strong reliable product but what if...

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