SOLD Markbass TTE 800

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    1. Markbass TTE 800 head for sale only.
      The TTE 800 is a great amp and I really love the warm, fat old school sound but it's got way more power than I need. It's showroom clean, If you need a really loud amp this will go to seriously unsafe volume levels.
      $725.00 USD shipped CONUS.
      PM or email me.
      Specs from the Markbass website:
      Preamp: Tube
      Tube: 3x ECC83 + 1x ECC81 (compressor)
      Power Amp: Digital (TTE: Tube Technology Emulator)
      Power Supply: Special Markbass Digital Power Supply
      Power: 800W @ 4 ohms / 500W @ 8ohms
      EQ (passive)
      - BASS
      - MIDDLE
      - HIGH
      Controls: Compressor - colour (tube-driven VLE)
      Outputs: Speakers (2 speakon combo) - Line Out (XLR)
      Weight: 6 kg / 13.23 lbs

      Only trade for. Benz Benz Streamliner in Mint condition plus cas my way..

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    I've always wanted to try this bass amp.
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