No longer available Markbass Tube 800 - With Issue - Make Offer or Trade for Preamp or Partial PayToward a GK Fusion 800

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    Hey all. I have a near mint Tube 800 that has been sitting unused since it started acting up. It cuts out at random intervals while power remains on. I used it for my last 2 rehearsals with no issues, and the last rehearsal I left it on for a couple extra hours after practice (total of 5 hours) and it still operated perfectly. However, there is definitely something wrong with it, and sometimes it will cut out right after turning it on. The Tube 800 is sold/traded AS-IS, and I have described the problem to the best of my ability. Feel free to PM me with any questions.

    You are welcome to make a $ offer, but leaning toward trade or sending it to my tech. Trade interest is for a nice preamp pedal DI or as partial payment for GK Fusion 800.

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    Giged one of these steadily for years with no issues. Great sounding head. Always got compliments! GLWTS
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  3. Yeah, great sounding amp. Starting to have 2nd thoughts, might be heading to my tech for repairs, we will see.