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marshall 3540

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by rekesbass, May 22, 2004.

  1. I have an old marshall 3540 and was wondering what it might be worth.cosmeticlly its o.k,about a 5 on a 1-10 scale..functionally its a 10..yes I did a search and came up empty,I even looked on the bay,and theres not a 3540 to be found..the amp was known as the 400 watt intregated bass system..3 space rackmount,bi-ampable(2x200w amps) controls for sensitivity(gain),contour(kinda like a e.q. pre-shape),5 band e.q. ,boost function(foot switchable),crossover freq. ,bass vol., treb vol...I do not have the footswitch for it..any idea what its worth???
  2. I had a couple of them, pretty decent amps, compared to what Marshall is bring out now, yuck.

    I remember purchasing one for under $200.00 and it was cosmetically and technically in a nice shape. The 2nd I bought for a little over $200.00. Heavy as hell but pretty good.
  3. jvkeboxhero


    Dec 15, 2008
    idk how old this thread is, but im reviving it (thanks google!)

    i dont understand what that biamping **** means. is it 200watts, or 400watts?

    im looking to buy this head used ($200), and run a 4x10 (and eventually add a 1x15) i play bass in a rock cover band (bar band if you will) and i dont think 200w is enough, but 400w should be.

    my other option (right now) is an Ashdown MAG 300w head for $300. like i said im in a cover band so im not looking for great tone that i can call my own, and that peopel will rmember me for. im jut looking for decent tone, and the power to get heard at gigs.

    so yeah, any info would be great, including if $200 is a decent price (should i bargain less) and if i should just go with a brand new ashdown, AND if the wattage is enough (including the ashdown) bc if the wattage isnt enough, should i go with a 600watt head?
  4. Hi, jvkeboxhero.

    First of all, Welcome to TalkBass.

    You've probably found this already, but here's the manual on the drtube.com


    All the technical information can be found on that manual, but here's it in short ;):

    The amp in question has two independent 200W/4Ohm amplifiers that can be used full range, or Bi-amped to high- and low-frequency cabs.

    As for the price, sounds reasonable, but as I've never played through one, I can't really tell.

    I personally would choose an old Marshall over a new asian Mfg. head any day.

  5. I had a 3520 that was a pretty good amp - great tone, built to military spec, but at 200W didn't have enough headroom for me. I sold it to a lady keyboards player for £55.00 (worth about $90.00 at the time).

    I would have thought the 400 would have been fine if I could have got one, and, as I said, I got a killer tone.
  6. LHbassist


    Apr 4, 2003
    Reno, Nevada
    I had a Marshall 3540, I liked it a lot. I used it for about three years, after investing quite a bit to replace all of the flimsy plastic heavily used input-output jacks with Switchcraft ones. Then, one day, on a gig, no sound out of the amp. After having it 'repaired' by an arrogant jerk that said he was an amp tech, I discovered that he overlooked the 4 dried out power capacitors in the amp. Needless to say, the amp was dead. The caps in that amp are IMPOSSIBLE to find, even on the manufacturer's (LCR) site! Marshall doesn't have 'em either, when I looked. The amp was given to a friend, for parts. That's the first time, and I hope the last...that that has ever happened to me. Nice sounding amp, with a questionable life span....too bad.
  7. jvkeboxhero


    Dec 15, 2008
    LHbassist, i think that pretty much settles it for me. this thing is 20 yrs old, and has been in use since then, so i dont really feel like spending my money turning around and not having it work. especially since ill be playing gigs that if i fail, we lose a lot of money.

    thanks for the input guys.
  8. Hi.

    Not saying that's not the case, mever seen the amp or the schematics, but what were those caps?

    In MI field I've never run into a hi volume commercial product with caps that are impossible to find, or where there wasn't a possibility of a substitute.

  9. LHbassist


    Apr 4, 2003
    Reno, Nevada
    Hi Sam.... my amp tech- not the jerk I originally took it to, did find suitable replacement/ upgrade caps, but the cost to buy and install them was about what I paid for the amp! There are 4 large can caps, and have weird values, can't remember what they were, but he explained the reasons for the cost, and I opted to just chalk it up. I had an RAH 350 smx Trace Eliot at the time, and just continued using that. Glad that's gone now, too. I had a Marshall Major 200 watt, all tube, killer sounding 100 lb. electrical nightmare once, too. Blew fuses and non gigable when even a slight problem with one tube would arise. Very impractical. Just like the positive ground Austin-Healy 3000 sportscar- beautiful, but what are the English putting in that tea? I've come to see that I shouldn't expect a dependable lifespan for anything electronic that is stamped "Made in England."
  10. YogaBear


    Jul 27, 2009
    Ola señors
    are there tubes in the amp?
  11. Nope. Solid state.