Marshall Amp not cutting it

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  1. Hey Guys

    I'm currently playing a 5 string Warwick fortress Masterman (or a 5 string Stingray) through a marshall 200 W head driving a 4x10 sovtek box. THe problem I get is that I don't seem to get much warmth to my tone and I also find that I have to run the amp almost full when having a rehearsal (damn loud drummers and guitarists :(). I've played through a 1000 W Sunn head and it had warmth even at low volumes (and I assume it would have no problem cutting it at rehearsal). So I'm wondering whether I'd be better off buying another cabinet or if I should go for a more powerful head.

    Also could a combo (such as a 210 Ashdown) cut it. I'm playing in a band which plays a mix of metal/punk and reggae/ska, but I'm interested in playing jazz, fusion and acid jazz when I have time to start my own band. Anyone got any suggestions???

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  2. Is that the 7200? Hideous thing. Characterless and generally lousy. Sell it. Marshall can't make bass amps.

    In my utterly objective opinion, of course....
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    Jun 13, 2000
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    I agree with Andy, I had the 400w stereo rack version and by itself it lacked all the characteristics of acceptable bass tone amplification. But I have used it as a straight power amp with a tube preamp and it was ok. Not great though.