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Marshall Guv'nor vs. GK Diesel Dawg?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by arbitrary, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. arbitrary

    arbitrary Supporting Member

    Oct 24, 2005
    Boston, MA
    I'm wondering if anybody as compared these two pedals. I believe they have the same knobbies dealies, so they appear to be equally useful. But I'm curious how their sound differs.

    I have an original marshall guv'nor that I'm quite fond of, but either gas or wanting greatness has arisen curiosity in me.

    Thanks again.
  2. Joe P

    Joe P

    Jul 15, 2004
    Milwaukee, WI
    I own a Deisel Dawg, and use it for my overdrive sound. I like the pedal, for sure.

    GK's aiming for a more midrange-y kind of tone on the D.D. - even with the mids knob full CCW, and the Bass CW, it generally cuts the low-lows from your signal, and boosts upper and lower mids. The 'Edge' control is kind-of 'parametric' in it's action - sounds sort-of like a sweeping high-cut in its action, but the controls are somehow strangely interactive, it seems. Noise-wise, it's a very quiet pedal, even at high gains.

    I've only had it for a few weeks, and I'm still working it 'perfectly' into my overall sound. I use an ODB-3 for the high-gain distortion/fuzz tone. Actually I use the D.D. in-series with the ODB - D.D. OD into ODB high-gain distortion. I really like the combination, but rarely use the high-gain distortion like that (lets see... right now I use it on The Time's Jungle Love, and Cameo's Word Up - sort-of where I'd picture a synth-bass). The Deisel Dawg, on the other hand, I use in many songs - wherever I want more of a mid-y, old-school, pushed tube amp kind of sound; I turn it off for punchy hi-fi or slap tone.

    Can't speak for the Gov'nor.


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