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Marshall Jackhammer

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by parrott, Oct 24, 2002.

  1. I tried one of these today, and I really liked the sounds from it - huge with just a touch of sweet distortion coming in, to really thin distortion, and so on.

    Really I'm looking for the sound of a Big Muff Pi without paying so much.......... and this pedal gets near to it.

    Has anybody else tried these?
    Does anybody know anything about these that I should know?
  2. Get the Muff, if you play with it, you can get SO many sounds out of it. Plus, NOTHING beats it *IMO* as far as guitar effects go. There are better bass distortions out there, but not for $90, and a lot less used.
  3. actually, i disagree (everyone will think i'm nuts). I tried both of them together, for a good half an hour, and i was able to recreate all the big muff sounds on the marshall, as well as get a load of different sounds. the thing I liked the best about the marshall was that it didn't loose my low end. the big muff caused all the low end from my bass to just dissapear, i ended up sounding like a crazy guitar/bass hybrid with no low end.

    I prefer the jackhammer.

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