For Sale Marshall JTM45/100 Reproduction Block Plexi Amp Badge/ Logo 1964-65 in Silver/Burgundy or Gold/Black

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    Marshall JTM45/100 Reproduction Block Plexi Amp Badge/ Logo 1964-65 in Silver/Burgundy or Gold/Black-

    Vintage 1960's JTM 45/100 Marshall Plexi Amplifier/Cabinet Reproduction Block Logos-

    Vintage 1960's JTM 45/100 BluesBreaker Plexi Marshall Amplifier and Speaker Badges-

    Very Limited supply of Silver/ Burgundy ones( I have 3 of these) and more of the Gold/Black( 5 of these)- I made these for my JTM 50 Clone that I had built .

    Perfect for your Marshall Builds and Clones, Originals, and Boutique Amps and Speaker Cabinets.Hand Made One at a time exactly like the originals on High Quality Perspex (I use real Perspex, English plexiglass) 2'' x 6 " x 1/8 " with correct Font, 3mm Holes, 5- 7/16" apart

    Think JTM 45/100 or JTM 50,BluesBreakers to The Plexi's and SuperLeads, from the 1 Watters to the 100 Watters!!! Perfect for your Boutique amps, Speaker Cabinets or Homemade clones.

    $49 shipped/PP and no charge for Pre - Drilled or Non Drilled. These will cover any holes from most other Script or Non Marshall logos. Buy any 2 for $89 shipped!

    I will ship internationally for an additional cost.

    Contact or call/text me at (727)735-5350 or [email protected]

    Specify Black/Gold or Burgundy/ Silver, Drilled or Non Drilled.

    Marshall, Vintage,Block logo, Block Amp Badge, Script logo, Vox, Hiwatt, Fender, Gibson, Handwired, point to point,Boutique, Handmade, Home Made

    Marshall Logo Black Gold.jpg Marshall Logo Burgundy Silver.jpg Marshall Logos  2 B.jpg Marshall Logos 2.jpg Marshall Logos 4 Black Burgundy.jpg

  2. ricksvintage

    ricksvintage Commercial User

    Only a few left!!
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