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Marshall mb450h

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by pghjeeper, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. pghjeeper


    Mar 11, 2011
    I plan to get a new head to replace my vintage g/k rb400 I was planning to go mark bass little mark III when I saw the new Marshall head. I know Marshall isnt the name it used to be but I liked the features it has with the classic and modern channel plus a headphone jack for late nights. Has di, effects loops, etc and plenty of power.
    My questions does anyone own one and how are they in the real world?
  2. I had the combo version, the MB4410.

    Very good for the price, very good head and also the cab. I sold it just because it was way too heavy (52 Kg, some 115 pounds!). Also very good for a lot more price than I paid for it (480€ brand new!). The new owner is happy gigging with it.

    -Sound (remember, when combined with the cab section inside the combo!).
    -Flexibility (13 rotary knobs?). This flexibility is easy to use.
    -The 3 channels. Footswitch.
    -Tube pre-amp in classic.
    -A lot of power.
    -Low noise.
    -I was overall very happy, a serious amp a bit more expensive than a toy amp.

    -In my case, weight (remember, combo version).
    -Compressor in modern channel is not good (too fast attack, you hear a noise when it starts working). Don't have high expectations on it.
    -Max power, 450W is @ 2 ohms load, 300W @ 4 ohms. It was very loud on the 4x10 combo, but I don't know how efficient these speakers were (no way to find this info on the net).
    -Quality Control: Mine came with tweeter disconnected (both wires!). Very easy to fix, but I saw reports of other users with bigger problems related to poor QC. Mine was free of them with the exception of the connection (fixed in 5 minutes, I did not use the warranty). But it was obious the amp was not properly tested after fully assembled. I'd definitely recommend to buy it... but with a good trial period or warranty policy just in case.

    -Modern channel does not have a gain control, an extremely hot active bass could saturate input stage if you bosst lows (I happened to have such a bass, a Peavey Cirrus). Even when you use the head in "active" as supposed. I guess this will not happen with most basees. In case it happens just lower your bass volume a bit. Not a serious issue, not a reason to consider a different head.
  3. bassmachine2112


    Mar 23, 2008
    I have the head version and run it at 2 ohm-full power and it is big loud.
    great beefy tone and no issues apart from changing the valve cause it got a crack in the glass.Easy to change and no problems since.
    Overlooked in my opinion.
    A couple of decent cabs and away you go.
    Hope this helps.

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