Marshall superbass (80s)

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  1. I was up visiting family and fixing my car at my Dad's shop this past weekend. While I finished that up, I went to my brother's place who is a guitar player and big gear-hound. This guy can find deals most people wouldn't dream of making! Anywho, he's got some good stuff that he lets me try out every time I visit and this time I remembered to bring my GoPro, so I took a couple quick videos.

    He's got a mid 80s Marshall Superbass, just like Lemmy used, and he has the matching 4x12 so I asked to give it a whirl, and man, do these things have midrange! Like, insane levels of midrange, and at 100 Watts, I reckon it'd give my SVT Classic a run for volume.

    I'd absolutely gig one of these, but not this one, this one is museum quality :)




    Anybody have any opinions on these?
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    Very cool! Love the Superbass amps!
    Cool dog too! Funny how he was checking it out! LOL!
  3. She is quite literally my shadow, everywhere I go, my dog follows! haha.

    I was very impressed with the midrange punch, I had to dial the mids down, which was new to me. On my little Ampeg PF-350 I usually have the mids nearly cranked!
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    Superbass 100 in the studio

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    Obsolete! :)
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  6. That first video with the pick sounds killer, is that just cranked up with no effects?
  7. I’d argue that it would be much more difficult to correctly mix Chuck Rainey’s playing on a Steely Dan recording ... :cool:
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  8. The first video I'm using a Ram's Head Big Muff clone with all the fancy exact transistors that the originals had. My brother tells me it's the "#1 desired big muff" for a lot of fuzz enthusiasts
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    The dog was not impressed as you were playin’da bass like it was a guitar!! :D LOL

    In all seriousness I grew up with tube amps and the endless distortion they produced on stage. It took a long time for me to get rid of the distortion and finally get a clean bass sound out of my amplifier. Nowadays we have all the clean headroom we could want and folk are adding effects to get the distortion back! The irony gets to me. :roflmao:
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    Just for interest what part of the city is your home? I’m in scarborough near the University Campus.
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    One of my favs:
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  13. My family is up in Greater Sudbury, I'm the lone Torontonian, in the Junction.
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  14. Border


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    I love that Superbass tone! Played one some years ago through the 4X12 cabinet and loved it. Foolishly left the shop without it. I have kept an eye out for one ever since.
  15. I'm assuming most of the voice is coming from the 4x12? I've always thought the Marshall bass line looked cool, you don't see many so its distinctive. I'd like to have a Marshall rig as a conversation piece - but I'd also like to have a lighted Trace rig too...I might have an expensive accessorizing fetish....
  16. It's 100% the Superbass 4x12 cab. The GoPro is just picking up the room sound.

    The Marshall bass stuff is surprisingly impressive. It looks identical to a guitar version JCM 800, of which my brother has many, as y'all can see. There's another full stack to the left out of frame, and that's where the Superbass cab is, and some other JCM or JMP or whatever it is on top of it.
  17. You could've done the Lemmy!
  18. Border


    Dec 31, 2010
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    Yes! I wish I had pulled the trigger and bought one. They came with some insane cabinet options as I recall, even a 4X15 I believe. I keep my eyes open for one in this area. I suspect the right one will come along.
  19. A 4x15 is what I am on the hunt for. There was one at a boutique PRS dealer back when I picked up this P bass for my brother years ago, but I had not learned of the magic of the things yet. Missed opportunities!
  20. Border


    Dec 31, 2010
    Spokane, Wa.
    Hey I-play, I hope one comes your way. I have only seen pictures of the 4X15, but there must be some out there. I am keeping my eyes open for a Lemmy, or a JMP (not mention a 'burst Gibby 335 bass). Best of luck with your search, I hope one comes your way soon.
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