marshall vba stack or ampeg

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  1. im looking for a stack as a first stack, im in a band with marshall stacks already for guitarists. so i was wondering whats worthwhile getting, the marshall vba 400 with 8x10 stack or an ampeg if i can find a decent shop in the uk for 1??? any help?
    we play punk in the band so which will suit a more trebally tone? :confused:
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    Jul 25, 2001
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    well i hope u have alot of cash. That being said the ampeg will blow the marshall out of the water. You should also think about maybe getting 2 4x10s instead of an 8x10, your back will thank you. Few amatuers can get away with 8x10's unless u have a really big car, or alot of friends to help you carry it. Also, ampeg is an american company, so i would not even begin to guess how much a good ampeg stack would be in england.
  3. Interesting. I didn't think people went in for stacks these days.

    These's been a Marshall bass head + 2 speaker boxes at a local dealer for about a year now. They've not had as much as a sniff according to the sales guy.

    I'm also of the 'smaller is prefered' school.

  4. i think i will probably look for a ampeg then as the marshall is to heavy and will probably go for a 4 x10 cab not the 8x10, any body no a good place in the uk for ampeg and als which is a good set up for about 1500:confused: