Marshall VBC Cab Speakers

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  1. Hi guys, I did searches on talkbass, as well as google, and failed the find much info on the question I'm going to ask now.. So Marshall VBC cab owners (or anyone who knows)..

    What kind of speakers are in the Marshall VBC 412? Something custom made for Marshall? Or something manufactured by Marshall? I'd have to assume that they're 16 ohms each wired in parallel for get a total 4 ohm impedance. Some websites say that each speaker is 16 ohms, but I'm clueless where they got their info from, considering the Marshall website isn't very detailed.

    Also, any idea what the frequency response of the cab is? I think that's something important that should be in the specs page. Cabinets&pageType=SPECS

    I emailed Marshall, asking these same questions some days back (can't remember exactly when), and they've yet to respond. Considering the nature of the questions I've asked, I'm concerned they don't want to answer my questions as it may seem like I want to steal the information and build my own cab.. :meh:

    I'd appreciate the info guys. Thanks in advance!
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