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Martin EB-18?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by AndrewMichaels, Oct 28, 2015.

  1. AndrewMichaels

    AndrewMichaels Commercial User

    Sep 9, 2015
    This guy says its an eb-18 but it doesnt look like the ones i know. He says its super rare. So is it a rare model or is it just modified?

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  2. AltGrendel

    AltGrendel Squire Jag SS fan.

    May 21, 2009
    Mid-Atlantic USA.
    Just a little mod there:


    Replaced the bridge with a BadAss too.
  3. The P pickup was obviously added, but the Badass may be stock, according to an article in Vintage Guitar, the la

    "The instrument’s passive electronics consisted of a DiMarzio Model One pickup on the earlier examples of the EB-18, and a DiMarzio “G” pickup on later ones. Controls included a two-position dual-sound switch, and master volume and tone controls, which were capped by chrome P-Bass-type knobs. The chrome-plated bridge was a Leo Quan Badass, and the rear control cavity cover plate was brass-plated steel on early examples, supplanted by a black plastic variant on later basses. The EB-18 weighed 9.25 pounds and offered a dependable, utilitarian sound."

    Martin EB-18 |
  4. GretschWretch

    GretschWretch Supporting Member

    Dec 27, 2013
    East Central Alabama
    I am at work and my EB-18 is at home. Mine has a Schaller pickup. The one in the pic, even if genuine, has been heavily modded. Ask for more pics -- close-ups of the rear of the neck heel and headstock.
    IIRC there are some identifiers there.
  5. AndrewMichaels

    AndrewMichaels Commercial User

    Sep 9, 2015
    I wonder if the cat is included...

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  6. AndrewMichaels

    AndrewMichaels Commercial User

    Sep 9, 2015
    The guy's asking price is 525$
  7. GretschWretch

    GretschWretch Supporting Member

    Dec 27, 2013
    East Central Alabama
    Okay; checked my Martins last night. My fretted has the same decalalia on the headstock as what your pics show, so based on that I would have to say the bass you are considering is genuine Martin product. (Besides, who would want to counterfeit an EB-18?) Who knows what the original pickup was on that bass? My fretted EB-18 has a Schaller w/toggle. I also have a much abused fretless EB-18 that has a DiMarzio Model 1 w/toggle with a J-pickup added. Both basses have the original Badass bridge,
    but the kicker is that the pickup placement is not the same. The Model 1 is closer to the P-bass "sweet spot" than is the Schaller.

    I would value the case at $100, which makes $425 for the bass alone reasonable, although you still are paying for that CFM on the headstock. How does the bass sound?
    How does it play? Those factors should be the deal-makers or -breakers. You might make an opener of $450 to see if the seller will negotiate.

    After checking my EB18s last night, I will say that if yours weighs only 9.5 pounds it must be anorexic. My two felt BEASTLY heavy. I know what I was thinking when I bought them, but I haven't thought that way in a long time.
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