Master Slave amps connection

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  1. bass nitro

    bass nitro

    Feb 21, 2011
    Hi there,does anyone here is able to write down some FAQ etc. how to create master-slave amps connection,which outputs and inputs supposed to be used,what gauge and types of cables needed and stuffs like that.Sorry for my ignorance but i think that thread would help not only me.Thanks to everyone
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    A "slave amp out" is usually after the "power amp in" so that you can daisy chain several amps.

    to do this go out the "preamp out" on the preamp that you want to control the others with. go into the "Poweramp in" of one of the slaves and out the "slave out" of that amp. use regular instrument cables. The gain on the first preamp will affect all the others, if the slave amps have master volumes they will control the slave only.

    Be sure to connect speakers to each as if the amps were being used by themselves. match all impedances accordingly.

    Consult the manual for the Ampeg SVT CL as a reference, however, other brands may vary in their functionality. ground loops may occur when using multiple amps so noise could be an issue in some venues. That's all I know...