Master volume and 3-way selector switch on jazz bass

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  1. I was inspired by the Fender Mustang PJ to modify my Squier Vintage Modified '77 jazz bass controls to a master volume and a three-way pickup selector switch (neck/series/bridge). I put it together tonight with a little help from line6man's diagram (thanks!). I was going for minimalism, so I just omitted the tone control, but it could easily be added back on a four-hole control plate. I used a Fender three-hole control plate and found a nice Gibson-style selector switch—it meant I had to widen the middle hole on the control plate slightly, so that took some elbow grease. But I'm really satisfied with the result, so I'd recommend this mod if you want more practical controls for playing live. It looks and sounds great:

  2. Fantastic. I love the simplicity and elegance.
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