Matching cab to cab ?

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  1. Gman


    Jan 4, 2000
    Indianapolis, IN
    Okay, I've done search after search, and I've read Joris's FAQ, and I don't find anything that adresses this.

    Is it okay to mate a 200W cab with a 400W cab, out of a parrallel output ? Am I correct in thinking that the 200W 210 will limit the 410 because It'll blow if I crank it enough to drive the 410 ?

    I have a Hartke 2.5 XL rated at 200W, and and 410 XL rated 400W. Of course, I can't really push the 410 without overdoing the 210.

    I'm using a SVT-3Pro head. So I have plenty to push these things.

    These are the options I'm weighing:

    1. Keep it as is, and try not to blow the 210.
    2. Get rid of the 410, and find a 200w 1-15.
    3. Dump both of 'em and go get the SVT-410hlf.

    IF I go with two cabs rated at 200W, am I wasting my amp, by not getting the full potential out of it ? And will I get decent stage volume with any or all of the above options ? ( I'm pretty sure #3 would be loud enough).

    Sorry for the ramblings. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. MikeyD


    Sep 9, 2000
    You didn't tell us the power specs on your amp. Assuming it far exceeds the power handling of the smallest cabinet, you're taking a risk. It also depends on the relative impedances of the speakers. For example, if your 2x10 is 8 ohms and your 4x10 is 4 ohms, the latter will receive twice the power from the amp and will reach its limit at the same time the 2x10 reaches its limit.

    On the other hand, if they have the same impedance, both cabinets will see the same wattage and if you reach 200 watts into each, you are at the limit of the smaller speaker first.

    - Mike
  3. <b>Gman asked...</b>

    Am I correct in thinking that the 200W 210 will limit the 410 because It'll blow if I crank it enough to drive the 410?

    Both are 8 ohm cabinets. Your amp will dump 450w into a 4 ohm load. My recommendation is none of the above ;)

    Get another 410 cabinet and run it in parallel with the one you already have. Use the 210 alone for small gigs.

    I don't know how many of you monitor the *cough* HC bass forum *cough* but we had a discussion on this very thing. Adding another 410 cabinet should give you a 3db increase without sacrificing power (because of acoustic coupling).

    To answer your other question, <b>most</b> amps are rated using a sine wave signal as input. An amplifier putting out 450w using a tone generator (stable input signal) won't put out anywhere near that when you plug a bass into it unless you're overdriving the power amp - and that brings its own set of issues. Speakers are rated the same way.

    IMO what you have <b>should</b> work - but if you cranked it all the way up and hit your B (or E) string with a hammer the 210 might not survive. I'd listen to a few other people before taking my word for it, though - I'm sure someone will jump in if I'm too far out there :D


  4. That sounds like real good advice to me too.

    There are lots of times where you only need the small cab, and will enjoy not hauling the big ones around.
  5. Gman


    Jan 4, 2000
    Indianapolis, IN
    Thanks for the help Guys.

    MickeyD, Your right. I apologize, the amp is rated 275W @ 8 ohm, 450 @ 4 ohms.