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  1. I know that impedence questions are asked every day. If this is in the searh feature, I didn`t find it and am sorry for asking someone to repeat themselves. When combining two cabs with different impedence. I know that the cab with the lower impedence will get more power. But if all the speakers are the same impedence will that compensate and make it more even. Let me try to clarify. A 4 ohm 2x10(makeing each drive 8 ohms) at 400 watts matched with a 200 watt 1x15. I know this drops impedence to 2.67 omhs but will the sound be even or will the 2x10 still be louder. Any thoughts or explinations or "check the search feature" are apprecated
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    OK, the 1x15 is 8 Ohm(?), so it gets less W than the 4x10 - around 1/3 less or so.

    Also, the 1x15 will probably be quieter at the same W level (spl = sound pressure level) too, so the 2x10 might be even louder because of that. This depends on the speaker specs.
  3. Another thing to be careful about is that combing a 4 ohm cab with an 8 ohm cab will give you something in the range of a 2.6 ohm load.

    You need to make sure that your amp is rated to handle a 2 Ohm load or you will end up blowing the amp.

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    Connecting two 8 ohm cabs in parallel result in a 4 ohm load. An 8 and a 4 ohm cab connected in parallel result in a 2.67 ohm load. This is not an optimal setup although solid state amps that can handle a 2 ohm load may be ok. Tube amps are more of a problem because they are designed to run at specific loads. If you have a 4 ohm 210 and an 8 ohm 115 the 210 will be louder. The power ratings of the speakers themselves dont matter (as long as you arent overdriving the cabs) A different case is if you have a stereo amp and can adjust volume separately for each cab. This is not connecting the cabs in parallel though. Hope this helps...
  5. Thanks to everyone
    The amp runs down to 2 ohm
    But if it isnt even then there is no point
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