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Matching Headstocks - Love 'Em or Hate 'Em?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by BulbousMoses, Jan 17, 2014.

  1. Lately I've identified that I like basses with matching headstocks...even cheap ones (Squier VM Jaguar standard comes to mind). And I used to own a Yamaha BB414 in metallic orange with matching headstock that looked killer. Interested in the opinions of others. Do you like matching headstocks? Hate them? Don't care either way?
  2. ffutterman

    ffutterman Talentless Bass Enthusiast

    May 7, 2010
    Definitely, matching headstock AND 2x2 tuners (or, if more than 4, anything but an in-line arrangement).
  3. stonewall


    Jun 14, 2010
    i like them.
  4. bh2


    Jun 16, 2008
    Oxford, UK
    I think they're a nice touch, but I'm not that bothered.
  5. Tonegasm


    Mar 22, 2010
    Love 'em.

    My CS '59 P Bass relic with my all original '61:

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  6. Lownote38


    Aug 8, 2013
    Nashville, TN
    Love 'em with most colors. I especially like Candy Apple Red with a matching headstock. Lake Placid Blue would be cool as well.
  7. 2saddleslab

    2saddleslab Supporting Member

    May 30, 2003
    Love them!
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  8. One thing I've never seen is a matching headstock on a 3 tone sun or tobacco burst bass. Might be hard to apply a burst on the headstock and make it look good?
  9. Gorn


    Dec 15, 2011
    Queens, NY
    Love 'em. I've never had one, but they're beautiful.
  10. Nice......:cool:
  11. aparker82


    Sep 19, 2012

    Nothing better than a matching headstock in my opinion!
  12. Also very nice.
  13. Post pics of your matching headstock beauties! Past and present...
  14. sonicblue62

    sonicblue62 Supporting Member

    Nov 9, 2009
    Twin Falls, Idaho
  15. Tonegasm


    Mar 22, 2010
  16. Haha...beautiful...:D
  17. Doctor J

    Doctor J

    Dec 23, 2005
    Maple fretboard? No.

    Rosewood fretboard? Yes, very yes.

  18. braud357

    braud357 Supporting Member

    Jul 1, 2010
    Gonzales, LA
    My first "good" bass was a 1969 Mustang bass EXACTLY like this one, purchased new in Nov. 1969. The picture did not accurately portray the Competition Burgundy color - it was more purple than shown. Mine was an early model with the lolipop tuners. My dream is to one day duplicate my first bass !!!!
  19. Malak the Mad

    Malak the Mad Over the River and through the Looking Glass Supporting Member

    Obviously, I hate them. :p

  20. I love them, Mine is so matched is made out of the same wood cover!!