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    i have a gk 700rb [email protected],[email protected] i been looking at avatar cabs. my question is even with just 2-210s i am way under powering these cabs i know to over power cab is bad but if i have cabs rated a 1000w and only pushing 480w will that have any adverse affect on the sound of these cabs.thought about 2-112s but if i used just one i would be over powering it. i perfer to stick wit 2-8ohm cabs instead of 1-4ohm and i like them to be the same as i keep 1 at home and 1 at practice and both for gigs
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    In all cases the only rule is to listen carefully to your signal through the speakers. Underpowering is a myth. You need to listen for signs of speaker distortion such as buzzing, farting, whining, flapping, etc. and if you hear those sounds, turn down your amp. It does not matter what the wattage ratings for either the amp or the cab are.
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    Jan 26, 2008
    avatar has cabs rated at 1000watts? which ones?
  4. rbonner


    Sep 25, 2008
    When I think of underpowering a cab, I think it doesnt have enough power to really whomp the thing. We all know what happens when we crank to much, you get explosive decompression. Little pieces of US Dollars come flying out of the ports.

    But if you seriously dont have enough power to push a cab, it will sound clean, but will lack serious "Life" that you get from playing loud. Also with a tube amp if you crank it up might get serious distortion that you weren't looking for.

    It's best to have an amp that has a bit more power than your cab, but dont ever be afraid of buying a "TOO BIG" a cab as your next purchase will probably be a bigger amp anyway. BOB
  5. 4x10. Has 4-250W drivers...

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