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Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by mark beem, Sep 9, 2002.

  1. mark beem

    mark beem I'm alive and well. Where am I? Gold Supporting Member

    Jul 20, 2001
    New Hope, Alabama
    Looking for a good source in the US to purchase woods for my construction projects.... Any help would be appreciated!!!

  2. Dumfish


    Oct 6, 2001
    Santa Rosa, Ca
    Luthiers Mercantile International in Healdsburg, Ca, has a fair selection of wood. I'm getting the majority of my wood and parts there, but I also live only 20 minutes away. However they ship all over. I think there's another shop in Healdsburg, they do more exotic woods I forgot the name though, maybe someone here could help me. Here are the URL's:

    Luthiers Mercantile
    Not the Healdsburg one but another.
  3. Geoff St. Germaine

    Geoff St. Germaine Commercial User

    Larry at Gallery Hardwoods is great to deal with. He also has a huge selection of figured woods and his prices are really reasonable.


  4. punkfunkfreak


    Dec 16, 2001
    Geoff, just been looking at your site. And that is going to be a beautiful bass. I love the shape and the quilted maple fretboard.

    Please dont tell me youre gonna stain the entire thing orange or anything. ;)

    Good luck and yeh, enjoy it, looks like a winner.

  5. Dumfish


    Oct 6, 2001
    Santa Rosa, Ca
    Gallery Hard Woods!

    Thats where I got my core wood. Very good people to work with.