SOLD Matsumoku Vantage VP-795 B Dual P "Demon Bass" MIJ w OHSC 33.75" Scale

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    For sale is a very cool 1981 Vantage VP-795B bass with OHSC and some original case candy!

    Nicknamed the "Demon II," these were made at the legendary Matsumoku factory and represent the upper end of the Vantage line of guitars and basses that were made there in the heyday of the early 80s. Many refer to these as "the poor man's Alembic" as they feature beautiful woods paired with sophisticated electronics. I think that is fair but I like to think of these as a more classic take on the coveted BC Rich Eagle bass from the same era.

    As with all Matsumoku basses of this era, the quality and aesthetics of this instrument are tops. The body sides are a solid Japanese Ash (I believe) in dark stain with maple center in the hippie sandwich style. The set neck is maple with rosewood board and the body is nicely figured with a satin finish that feels great. The bass is just under full scale with a 33/75" scale. The slightly smaller scale does provide for easier playability, notably from the lower string tension produced, all else equal. For hardware the bass features OEM high ratio gotoh-style closed tuning gears and a brass bridge. This is a solid bass but not at all a heavy one and very easy to get around on.

    The bass features robust electronics and controls for fans of the precision tone. Two precision style pickups are installed, one in the neck and one in the bridge positions. Each has its own independent volume and there is a global tone adjustment. There is also a 3-position pickup selector switch at the upper horn of the instrument for quick on-the-fly tone changes during performances between pickups. This bass is very big in sound.

    The bass is in good overall condition overall and is entirely original though there is some notable wear in spots. In addition to some very slight and honest wear here and there from the prior owner, there was some finish scraping under the headstock, probably from hanging poorly. And at some point in its life, a couple of tack nails from a hinge on the case protruded through the interior velour putting two "tooth marks" in the side edge of the bass. I rectified the situation with duct tape so that no further marking would occur. See pictures.

    I am asking $SOLD shipped for this bass shipped CONUS, add $25 to ship east of the Mississippi. No trades please.

    If you have any questions, please PM me.

    Enjoy the pictures below and thanks for looking!

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    Very nice! It looks a lot like my set neck SB600.
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    Also groovy!
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