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Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by slapstick13, Jan 1, 2016.

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    So Fenders website says the Squier Matt Freemand comes with "Fender® USA Bass 7250M, NPS (.045-.105 Gauges)", yet I've read a lot of people on talkbass say it comes with Daddario Xls. From what I understand, Daddario makes fenders strings for them, so is that what people are referring to? I know both the Daddario XLs and those Fender strings have the colored ball ends, so I'm not sure. Just curious if anyone knows for sure. I LOVE the way the bass sounds stock so I'd like to replace the strings with the same ones it came with.
  2. Yes, it is my understanding that Fender strings are made by D'Addario now, although it does not mean the 7250s are exactly the same as the XL Nickels. It is quite possible the specs are different between them, just like the way the D'A Chromes Flats are quite different from the Fender 9050 Flats, though they're both made by D'A.
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