Matt Pulcinella Jazz $950 OBO schweet!

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  1. This is a Custom Jazz bass, made by a one-man builder, Matt Pulcinella from Pennsylvania. Its a incredible bass, in excellent condition. You can check out his site (there is a picture of this bass on the Level 4 page) ...........Features include: - figured maple top - swamp ash body - birdseye maple fretboard - abalone inlays - hipshot ultralight tuners and bridge - DiMarzio Ultra Jazz pick-ups - Bartolini NTBT 2-band preamp (9v) - SKB hardshell case. The contol layout is volume-blend-treble-bass active/passive. The neck width is similar to a jazz (don't have the actual measurement) and very comfortable to play. The bass has a couple tiny dings (approx. 2mm long) on the corner edge of the body (near the bridge), and the previous owner rubbed/lightly sanded the laquer on the back of the neck. You have to hold the bass just right to notice these deficiancies. The bass is mint otherwise. I dont have a picture of the case, but its your standard rectangular SKB in great shape, nothing broken...........This bass retailed for $1600 and was selling used at the Bass Palace (check em' out, great site, great guys, for $1149. I am the second owner. Compare the features of other high-end basses to this bass and you'll see that what a screamin deal this is. Please no trades because I am only selling this bass to finance my new Sadowsky and this goes before my vintage precision or jazz...........

    please see pictures at:
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