Max string diameter for Stagg EUB

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  1. Could someone tell me the maximum string diameter (mm) that the tuners of a Stagg EUB can handle? I am considering to use these rather fat gut-like or nylon taped strings.
  2. No such thing. Just widen the slots with a rattail file.
  3. The nut needs to be filed down because the slots are much too deep. Better replace the nut completely, because it tends to break easily.

    The limiting factor is the slot or hole (depending on the old or new headstock) in the tuner. And there is not much room for windings on these bass guitar tuners the Stagg EDB uses.

    The bridge might need some deeper filing of the slots and this will remove the black paint which might break off in larger parts, so be careful when you file them down.
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    Oct 29, 2017
    I put on the largest dimension SBW faux gut strings and ir worked fine modifying both the bridge and nut slots with wood files, as I would on upright. Start with triangular file to set depth and then rounded that out with round rat file. Didn't love the low E for lack of tone and put on an Innovation Silver Slap for that one. The problem yoy may not anticipate is the tuners. You have to shave the end of E and A diameter strings to fit in tuner itself but once thats done, it works fine.

    Pro-tip: the preamp is kind of horrible. Set to send a signal way too hot. Turn it way down like to 1/3 if full volume. Since you are interested in liw tension gut-like strings, I assume you are interested in slap. I find its built in pickup registers neck slap impact pretty well but only down by that sweet spot about 1/3 up or lower. Which is about how hot the signal coming from Shadow Rockabilly Pro preamp on my upright is. Like I said the preamp is set ridiculously hot. It distorts in the bass if at full volume, but tone for both pizz and slap is decent if you set the volume much lower, boost gain on your amp.
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    Oct 29, 2017
    Sorry for typos, posted from phone, but serious about volume. I figured the "sweet spot" less than 1/2 way up, about 1/3 and marked it with nail polish too remind myslf to keep it down. At that setting, decent neck response, comparable to tone with both clickie and bridge pick up on my upright for slap bass.
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    Oct 29, 2017
    OK so previous commentors are unfamilliar with the dimensions of actual gut type strings, which can be in the neighborhood of 5 mils diameter. Which definitely DO NOT fit in the bass guitar style tuners of the Stagg. The Superior Bass Works I use for A through G, are essentially nylon textured to feel like a spiral cut sheep intestine actual gut string. As opposed to "weed whackers" i.e. 100% nylon strings, the nylon is fairly soft and the strings have a Kevlar thread core to give them an extra bounce, closer to actual guts. But with a sharp knife you can whittle off some of the nylon to fit the string core through the tuner to tune the string. Not super familiar with tape wound but my understanding is they usually have a steel ir steel and silk core. So not as ridiculously thick as actual gut strings or gut-alike strings like my SBW's, or actual weed whackers. Unsure what you would do with actual $500 a set gut strings. Perhaps use the various metal wound guts that are not so thick.