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    Hi all..... it took a while, and then a while more, but I have finally completed my first solo CD, "A Caravan Of Dreams". I am now working on getting a website up and running, and possibly posting some mp3's for you to sample.
    But , in the meantime, if any are interested, the CD is available now from me. $15 (plus $2 shipping) payable by check or M.O.
    contact me via e-mail at: [email protected]
    for more information.
    What is it like? well, different. A lot of chordal and melodic playing (mostly on my Godin A4), quite a bit of treated bass (epi Casady) producing faux-gamelan/steel drum sounds and other ersatz percussions....but, most of all, 100% all bass! And mostly "live" with very little studio manipulations.
    Perhaps I could talk the illustrious Steve Lawson into submitting a short review ( he got an advance copy while at NAMM this past week)?
    I had rec'd several pm's from TBers asking when it would be ready, and how to get a copy....e-mail me for more details.
    Thanks everyone....
    Max Valentino
  2. XavierG

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    Thanks for the info, Max. You know that I've been hounding you for this one. I'll take one! Now, where is it I have to go to order....I better go back and read the entire post.

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