Maxima (Ultima) 24K Gold Strings - Gone Forever?

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by dreamsonic, Aug 9, 2003.

  1. Can someone fill me in about Maxima gold strings?

    I've seen two posts online about them not being
    made anymore? :eek:

    They would last for so long I guess I'm just
    finding out if true since I needed to get some.

  2. slugworth

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    Jun 12, 2003
    So. Calif.
    I scored about 15 sets last year from the US
    distributor, Castellucio and Associates. He might
    have a few sets left; check EbAy. Here's the scoop on these strings, at least from my perspective: They are/were very expensive on the retail level, not worth anywhere near the $70 or
    so that you'd have to pay at a music store. I got
    lucky and paid about $15 a set for them. They
    are similar in tone and feel to a stainless string, say, a D'Addario Prism; maybe slightly
    less bright, and they used a slightly heavier
    core wire; they're not quite as flexible as a
    Rotosound. They do last a long time, about
    50% longer than the average stainless string...
    According to the US distributor, they are no longer made, probably because of the lack of demand due to the prohibitive cost. I don't consider them to be anything miraculous, but
    they do look cool on my Czech Spector with gold hardware.