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maxTurbo speaker

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by crazyBassClown, Mar 1, 2009.

  1. Does anyone own a maxTurbo speaker?

    I've noticed this one on ebay, and its cheap and almost certainly not high quality but it would be great for leaving at rehearsal places and just general non serious use.
    So will it blow up in 5 minutes, or be usable?

    I'd love to know if anyone has first hand experience.

    Edit: I bought one and piccys are down the thread at post #12.
  2. Hi.

    Judgin' by their other products and perfect grammar, the cab must be a really great purchase ;).

    The "plug and play" is a definite +.

    Seriously, the lack of published sensitivity (not that it matters much with these anyway) indicates a rather power hungry cab. That might not be a bad thing if taming down a tube head for that sweet tube grunt at lower SPLs.

  3. billfitzmaurice

    billfitzmaurice Commercial User

    Sep 15, 2004
    New Hampshire
    Owner, Bill Fitzmaurice Loudspeaker Design
    The ad copy's poorly executed translation from Cantonese to English reveals the source of what's most likely a POS. I'd avoid it.
  4. hrgiger


    Jan 11, 2009
    If you can get it for $79 bucks you could try it... A buddy of mine bought some white van pa speakers of similar origin and they are still going strong...

  5. Max input 4,000 watts into a thin contructed 4X8" cab doesn't tell you anything? You want to play around with it fine, don't expect it to be road or gig worthy.
  6. Bassmec


    May 9, 2008
    Ipswich UK
    Proprietor Springvale Studios
    I wonder what bit would land furthest from the cabinet if it ever met a real 4000 w.:D
  7. I vote MDF pieces as they have greater mass...
  8. Bassmec


    May 9, 2008
    Ipswich UK
    Proprietor Springvale Studios
    Perhaps! but my bet is on smaller lighter particles, like the magic smelly smoke from the voice coils, that would get everywhere!.:D
  9. I just got one of these cabs and :hyper:.

    On first impression definitely usable. I hooked just it up to a kustom 1200 head and let rip. Before i knew it i was at an unbearable volume and the cab was still going strong
    The sensitivity seems in the ballpark of my 1x15 cab, but the bass response is not as strong, although cranking up the eq seems to get more bass before the cab farts out than my 15.
    The cabs seems solid enough and i couldn't hear any rattles coming from the cab at high volumes, although the rest of the room rattling might have masked them:D
    There is some air leaks in the cab, the 1/4 jacks on the back but that is par for the course, and also from around one of the plastic carrying handles. The corner protectors are metal though, and also a metal grill.
    The plate on the back has 2 1/4 and 2 speakon jacks and seems to be metal but i need to check better.
    I'm planning on pulling it apart to seal up any air leaks so will probably take some photos if anyone is interested.
  10. Hi.

    I'm sure some people are interested to see the inside construction of these cheapo cabs.

    As the "as long as it makes a bearable sound" is often the only reason people buy lowest of the low (pricewise), sometimes the result might not be that different from some other cab costing twice or three times as much. In fact choosing the comparisons in a specific way (;)) the three cabs might be the same, with only difference being the logo and perhaps the covering.

    Some people need or want expensive, brand stuff to be satisfied and that's fine for them, good to hear that You're satisfied with your cheaper purchase.

  11. hrgiger


    Jan 11, 2009
    Nice! I am interested to see lots of pics of your fine purchase! Even has speakon jacks huh? Nice...:cool:
  12. Ok,
    got some pictures of the cab now, amd looking inside I can see why i thought it was so solid.
    Its made of paticle board which is not a huge surprise and has no damping material inside but that can easily fixed.
    Overall I am surprised at how well built and finished the cab is.

    Heres the piccys. Click for a bigger pic.
    Now a few on my 1x15 cab fr size comparison. It sits on top perfectly :)


    Specs sticker. 400W seems reasonable as a power figure.

    A couple of one of the drivers. Seems fairly decently sized, and is surprisingly deep. Maybe it is well suited to bass guitar?

    The jacks on the back. The plate they are mounted on is steel.

    As are the corner protectors.
    The carrying Handles are plastic, but work fine. although i had an airleak around one. I sealed em both up with sealant.
    I was a bit sloppy with it but it's black and almost invisible. you need to be right oin top of it to even see it :hyper:

    A few pics of the internal bracing. There is four braces, one between each pair of speakers. They make the box rock solid.


    I was also impressed by the way the grill was mounted as you can see below. Thers is a second piece of wood just inside the outside edge of the box that the grill screws onto with a small gap all around that the folded edges of the grill sits into.
    All the internal joints of the box seem very well sealed as well.
    And a photo of the box it came in if anyones interested.

    Since the maxturbo sticker is just stuck on these are probably available under other brand names as well.

    I think i've got most of the photos up here but theres a few more in the directory.

    If anyone has any specific questions PM me and i'll reply here.
  13. MaxTurbo!

    -only $14.95-

    * Warning: Pregnant women, the elderly and children under 10 should avoid prolonged exposure to MaxTurbo.
    * Caution: MaxTurbo may suddenly accelerate to dangerous speeds.
    * MaxTurbo Contains a liquid core, which, if exposed due to rupture, should not be touched, inhaled, or looked at.
    * Do not use MaxTurbo on concrete.

    Discontinue use of MaxTurbo if any of the following occurs:

    * Itching
    * Vertigo
    * Dizziness
    * Tingling in extremities
    * Loss of balance or coordination
    * Slurred speech
    * Temporary blindness
    * Profuse sweating
    * Heart palpitations

    If MaxTurbo begins to smoke, get away immediately. Seek shelter and cover head.

    MaxTurbo may stick to certain types of skin.

    When not in use, MaxTurbo should be returned to its special container and kept under refrigeration...

    Failure to do so relieves the makers of MaxTurbo, Wacky Products Incorporated, and its parent company Global Chemical Unlimited, of any and all liability.

    Ingredients of MaxTurbo include an unknown glowing substance which fell to Earth, presumably from outer space.

    MaxTurbo has been shipped to our troops in Saudi Arabia and is also being dropped by our warplanes on Iraq.

    Do not taunt MaxTurbo.

    MaxTurbo comes with a lifetime guarantee.


  14. lol :confused::confused::confused:
  15. Hugh9191


    Feb 20, 2009
    It looks quite thin in the pics, is that just the pic or is it really thin?
  16. It's 23cm 9 inches deep
    around 50 cm 20 inches square.
    two of em would take up less space than my 15 cab.
  17. Hi.

    Thanks for the pics. That cab seems really well built for the price. Not a bad deal IMHO.

    Since the drivers more than likely will smoke sooner or later, perhaps there's some substitute that will work in such a small box. WinISD is Your friend ;).

  18. zagnut


    Jan 4, 2009
    Back in Detroit
    It looks decently built for being so cheap. If you like the sound of it, more power to you!
    I wouldn't mind getting my hands on one to play around with, but I can't find any here in the states. Even if this seller shipped to the US, it would cost a fortune to ship it here.
  19. T-bird, I don't see the drivers smoking anytime soon, they seem well made and definately contain a fair amount of metal and magnet, and are probably used by known brands after a sticker is stuck on.

    it's made in china, probably sold under many names.
    Maybe try US ebay for one that looks the same. It probably will be.

    The sound is definately usable but bass is a bit weak.
    Using a 50W valve amp i can get my 1x15 to a loud rehearsal volume
    The 4x8 is about as loud when used with the same settings but with much weaker bass.
    EQing the bass back in and bass fuzz happens on all the lower notes.
    On an amp that can provide enough power theres not much difference in sound when the eqs been tweaked.
  20. nzcoops


    Apr 29, 2009
    I too took the plunge and got the MaxTurbo 4x8" Bass Guitar speaker Cabinet Cab Quad Box. So far pretty impressed. I have a Nemesis NA-320 driving it and the tone that's coming out is really nice. Volume got pretty loud before they started they started dying (fuzzing/fluffing/etc) but I didn't want to push it too hard on first run.

    Will have it at the rehearsal room tomorrow to run it in and give it a good push.

    Impressed atm considering I didn't want to spend too much and most decent second hand cabs (that could have been well thrashed) are at least 3 times the price.