May have found a used HXB-406

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  1. Someone in my city has one (a Brice HXB-406 in Bubinga) for sale and I am going to go over to his house to check it out. Most likely I'll be taking the cash with me that he'd take for it,. . . $225! :hyper:
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    Those aren't easy to find ......

    If it seems to have lousy action, don't get discouraged. A lot of times the owners haven't done a proper set-up. And if the original strings are on it, chances are good that they'll be pretty crappy as well. Other than that, they're pretty good basses, especially for that price. I like the bubinga better than the quilt, as well ....... :cool:
  3. Most likely I'll get it from him. Even if it sounds about like my old Peavey, it will be worth it just in order to get hands on practice with 6 strings. The fact that it is the Bubinga model is just 'icing on the cake'. I may have to do some 'tune up' on it, and will definitely be purchasing some black strap locks, perhaps eventually some new strings as well. :)
  4. I've now had 3 Brices -

    My first 6 string fretless just didn't have the right harmonics, but the neck was straight, and the action was great. I moved the bridge back a 1/4 inch to allow for more play in the saddles and reset it up again. It's the nicest fretless I have ever played - people can't believe the sound out of it.

    I bought an HXB406 since I had a great experience, but couldn't get the noise out of the electronics. Great sound, great action, but don't turn it up once it's set. I found a used Z Prestige (neck-thru 35" scale natural finish) that I bought, then sold the HXB. The action was incredibly high - but the saddles weren't set right. A little adjustment was all it took. Hope you enjoy it - especially if it's a 35"
  5. It may very well see an electronics change sometime in the future, probably a Bartolini 4.6 A/P so I would have more control over the sound, plus have better electronics. Perhaps that could be a good use of my Christmas money. :smug:
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  7. i have an HXB-406, and i really like it a lot!

    ok, maybe this was uncalled for...

    carry on
  8. Well, I bought the bass last night. I was interested in getting one to see what the 'fuss' was all about and I have to say, I don't know how they sell them for so cheap. It looked, played, and sounded pretty good! Yes, there is a little noise in the electronic in the tone pot, but I usually get a setting and stick with it. It had a few MINOR inperfections. All in all, it was a very good purchase. And the seller was a nice guy as well. A friendly person. :)

    I'll be getting some strap nuts for it today or tomorrow and will be playing it at church on Sunday. I just hope I don't make too many mistakes while being unfamiliar with the extra string below. :meh:

    Anyway, now I don't have to bug my wife about wanting a 6 string . . . . . . . . . . . for a while!! :D
  9. By the way, this is the 34" model, which is what I was wanting anyway. The B seems to be pretty good on it, so I don't have any problems with is so far. I'll probably post an update after I play it on Sunday.

    Hope you all have a good weekend!
  10. Well, the bass performed pretty well on Sunday. My church is a larger church with a pretty good sound system with subs. This bass sounded very good and the person I bought it from said that they were the original strings. It is one of the 34" scale models (as I said in the previous post), so the strings could be about a year old or so. With a new set of GOOD strings, I bet this thing will sound amazing!!

    A great purchase! :hyper:
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    Good for you DCM .... glad it's working out :D

    Post up some pics when you get the chance ...
  12. Finally got a picture of the Brice I purchased. Not the best picture, but here it is:

  13. I put a set of Conklin Snakeskins on one of my Brices, and a set of DRs on another. Both had some really nice punch. I want to try Elixirs for my next set.

    If you like a 34" scale, you can't beat these things. I like the pups on their Z Prestige series (35" neck thrus) - some noise in the electronics, but the sound is dynamite.

    Enjoy it!! :p
  14. Actually, as far as the 34" scale goes, I've not noticed any B string slap. The sound is very good on it, so I feel I got a GREAT deal!

    Now, as far as strings go, I be this will sound TONS better when I change the strings out on it. I has the original strings, and is about a year old. I'd like to find some Elixirs even though they're a bit more expensive, and am not sure if you can get them in 6 string. Can you?