SOLD Maybe for sale? Fender Speical Edition in Ash/damaged

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  1. Here's the story. I sold this bass to a great guy here on TB. When it arrived, he opened up the box to find it damaged. Upon doing some research with UPS, I refunded his money and ran the race to get my money refunded which they did (to a degree). I wasn't crazy about it, till I found out they were returning the bass to me as well, so I'm not all that upset anymore. LOL

    In any event, that is how the bass ended up with the damage you see in the pics below. I've tried to take some good pics showing the best parts of the bass, and to represent the damage as clearly as possible so that any prospective buyer can make an informed decision. This is the wording I used in my original ad. I've also considered parting it out, as well as keeping it and trying my hand at painting, but the grain on this thing is phenomenal. I just want to give someone who is handy at repairs a chance before I do that. Lots of pics below also.

    Made in Mexico, 8 pounds even, and 1.65" at the nut/first fret. Up for sale is a gorgeous Fender Special Edition Precision Bass in ash. Maple neck with rosewood fretboard, this bass has been upgraded with Seymour Duncan pickups and sounds and plays great. It has a few (very few) player dings which don't affect the playability of the instrument. You won't be disappointed. I know it's after Christmas and money is tight, but if you can scape up a few coins, you can be playing this fantastic bass in no time flat.

    It is what it is, but it is still a very playable bass. I'm asking $350 shipped for the bass, shipped to the lower 48. Thanks for reading my bass manifesto, and feel free to pm me with questions or comments..















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    That all adds to the character!
  4. All pm's replied to.

    LarryCrabtree you have mail.

    DannyBob ; Mojo is a good thing. LOL
  5. It's beautiful. Who wants a pristine bass anyway? I'll bet it's already sold.
  6. Not Yet! LOL
  7. I stand corrected. She's sold and off to Minnesota this week. Thanks TB!!

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