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For Trade Mayones, Charvel, Amfisound, Caparison, etc.

Discussion in 'For Sale: Other Stuff (Not bass related)' started by Adam Of Angels, Feb 4, 2016.

  1. Adam Of Angels

    Adam Of Angels Supporting Member

    Nov 26, 2011
    Mt. Pleasant, PA
    I'm open to sell any of these if you're interested, but I'm primarily after trades - straight across, plus or minus cash, several of mine for yours, several of yours for mine, etc.. I'm open to guitars, basses, amps (some, will be picky here), gear, computer stuff, etc.. Mostly guitars, though. Although I really am open to anything, and am always interested in trying new guitars of any sort, but priority goes to: Mayones, Anderson, Suhr, PRS, Ibanez, Parker, Jackson, and Amfisound.

    If you're at all interested in any of these, please do not hesitate to at least try me - I'm very easy to work with and always like making acquaintances, even if we can't strike a deal: adamofangels@gmail.com

    Description: Washburn WM-526 - black - 9.3/10 condition

    I always praise these as some of the best shredders out there. I'm by no means a Washburn fan, but these are truly special. They're literally a cross between a Parker (the necks are proprietary Parker necks) and a super strat. The fretboard and frets make for one of the smoothest playing necks I can think of. It was originally fitted with an EMG 81/85 set, but now has a Het Set, which is a remarkable improvement. These are increasingly hard to come by, since only a very small number of each color were made to begin with, and many guys are hording them to themselves.

    Aside from some light surface scratches (ordinary handling marks), there is one small paint chip on the back bottom edge.

    Modifications: EMG Het Set


    Price: $1500 - looking for trades



    WM526 by Leeroy Finklesteen | Photobucket

    Description: Caparison Horus - snow cloud - 9.8/10 condition

    This is Special Edition Horus in a rare Snow Cloud finish. I've only seen a few of these pop up, as only a small number were made, and a handful of them were actually parted out to make hybrid/"customs" using parts from other Horus models (must have been the cool thing to do at one point or something). As good as any Caparison you can find - wonderful neck, extremely comfortable body, etc.. I've always preferred the Horus to any other Caparison model, due to the 24.75" scale, 27 frets, and slightly smaller body (or at least it seems that way to me).

    No flaws other than a tiny clear coat ding on the face of the headstock, and maybe some very minor surface scratches that will basically never show up due to the color/finish.

    Modifications: Dimarzios

    Accessories: Hardshell case

    Price: $2000 - looking for trades



    Horus by Leeroy Finklesteen | Photobucket

    Description: Charvel Guthrie Govan - 9.7/10 condition

    Charvel Custom Shop stuff is, at the very least, in league with Suhr, Anderson, etc.. This guitar has better specs than any other Charvel I've come across - my main grip with Charvel, for years, has been that you had to pull the neck to adjust the truss rod, and it was nearly impossible to find one with 24 frets. This guitar solves both of those issues, and then goes 100% all out with class. Perfect neck, excellent proprietary tremolo, amazing pickups, completely gorgeous woods, unbelievable attention to detail and quality control... there isn't anything to complain about here. I used to own Govan's Suhr model, and while it was nice, this is such a clear improvement that I would rather have one of these than three of the Suhrs.

    This would be completely brand new, unmolested, etc., but during shipping (or from the factory, not exactly sure), it gained a tiny neck pocket crack (super small, and as far as anybody can tell, its on the surface/finish only). There's also a really small (half-inch long) sort of scratch on the 11th fret, and a sort of cloudy mark on the opposite side of the neck pocket (only about 2mm in size). These are minor flaws, but worth mentioning for full disclosure.

    Modifications: None

    Accessories: Hardshell case, trem am, case candy

    Price: $3000 - looking for trades



    Govan by Leeroy Finklesteen | Photobucket

    Description: Mayones Duvell Elite

    While I'm totally partial to the Regius and Legend, Mayones scored another victory with this model. It obviously has a more aggressive character about it (and is also intended for more aggressive music style), but it actually handles cleans better than most guitars I can think of. For that matter, I played around with a lot of chordal and clean stuff on this guitar, even though its features suggest shred and more shred. The top is crazy nice on this one, and the wenge/mahogany neck both looks and feels amazing.

    No flaws whatsoever on this, except for maybe slight polishing swirls and the like.

    Modifications: None


    Price: $3000 - looking for trades



    Duvell by Leeroy Finklesteen | Photobucket

    Description: Mayones Regius 7

    I've been a big fan of Mayones for the last several years. The Regius is my favorite model. There's nothing but rave reviews about these guitars all around the internet, and the chances are that if you're reading this, you already know what this is. The action on this guitar can be set very low without buzz (so much so that its especially worth mentioning, obviously), and in fact has a great, full sound to it.

    Aside from some surface scratches from typical use, there's one tiny clear coat ding on the top that you don't see unless you look for it.

    Modifications: BKP pickups

    Accessories: Hardshell case

    Price: $3000 - looking for trades



    Regius7 by Leeroy Finklesteen | Photobucket

    Description: Mayones Regius 25th Anniversary - 9/10 condition

    I said I would never do this, but here it is. This is literally the best all around guitar I've put my hands on. I've gotten rid of it a few times only to buy it back shortly after, because the neck and tone are just so amazing... but, I find myself playing it less and less. The main idea behind listing it is that I'll replace it with either a Regius Custom, or an Anderson Angel Custom down the road. Not sure, but I can say that whoever gets their hands on this is going to be incredibly pleased.

    Its a 25th Anniversary model, of which only 6 - 10 were made, and I have never seen another one. Mayones has becoming consistently more popular (and expensive) over the last decade, which adds some novelty to this guitar.

    Its not mint, but it has been super super babied, given how much it has been played. No dings or chips, but it has normal light surface swirling, a couple of scratches/scuffs by the bridge pickup, and little fissures next to a few of the side-dots in the binding (these are very hard to locate or see at all, but they're there... have been there for years and years and are not a problem, just worth mentioning). Over all its very clean, absolutely gorgeous, and a bit of Mayones history.

    Modifications: Earvana compensated nut, Dimarzio Titan set

    Accessories: Hardshell case

    Price: $3500 - looking for trades



    25th by Leeroy Finklesteen | Photobucket

    Description: Amfisound Halti - tobacco burst - 9.9/10 condition

    Amfisound are not extremely well known, but build some of the finest guitars in the woods of Northern Finland (metal as all hell, right?). They're rather well known in Europe, but a lot of US guys maybe haven't heard of them. Check out their website and read up on their stuff - these guys take the art of guitar building so seriously that it makes me get a little emotional.

    Aside from the Regius 25th above, this is my go to... actually, this is the reason I haven't been playing the Regius as much. With that said, this is the one guitar in this listing that I am not entirely sure about parting with. I'm a sucker for trades (if you haven't guessed), and I can absolutely be tempted to swap this out. Not to hit you with a cliche, but this is everything an LP-type should be, and more. Absolutely amazing neck, super clear attack, its one of the most beautiful guitars I think I've ever seen, and it stays in tune better than 99% of the guitars I've played over the years.

    I'm the original owner of this guitar and its been babied. Aside from maybe the faintest of polishing swirls, there aren't any flaws.

    Modifications: None

    Accessories: Hardshell case

    Price: $3500 - looking for trades



    Halti by Leeroy Finklesteen | Photobucket

    Description: Mayones Regius 6 Custom - 9.8/10 condition

    One of the craziest guitars I've ever held in my hands. Light weight, sounds incredible, plays perfectly, and is beyond easy on the eyes. Buckeye Burl top, mahogany wings, Ebony fretboard, Schaller Hannes bridge, BKP Juggernauts.

    Modifications: BKP Juggernaut set, Earvana compensated nut

    Accessories: Hardshell case

    Price: $4000 - looking for trades



    RegiusBurl by Leeroy Finklesteen | Photobucket

    Location: Mt. Pleasant, PA

    International OK?: Yes

    Contact: PM or e-mail: adamofangels@gmail.com

    References: I have more references than anybody would ever need, and have built one of the very best reputations over the years. A lot from sevenstring.org, rig talk, the gear page, talk bass, harmony central, jemsite, etc.
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