Mayones Elegance 6 String Fretted Bass.

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  1. This is a beautiful luthier built bass, crafted in the Mayones workshop in Poland.

    I have a nice selection of 6 string basses, and this is the least used, and I could do with the money for other projects that I'm becoming increasingly involved in.

    It's in excellent condition, with no major dents or scratches, just very minor player wear.

    Currently strung with D'addario Pro steels and has a nice low action.

    The pickups are LeFay rough crystal and the preamp is made by Noll. These together give a really clean and transparent sound.

    I had a ramp built by a local luthier, it's just attached with double sided tape, and can easily be removed.

    The body is ash, and the facing is Apple tree wood.

    The through neck is 9 pieces of ash and something else :D .

    Collection from either Birmingham or London is preferred but shipping is possible at buyers expense.


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  2. what's the string spacing and weight?
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