SOLD Mayones Viking 4 String

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    Bought about a month ago, brand new. Decided to go back to my trusty P bass.

    Taking offers.

    This Viking 4-String Bass features a Swamp Ash body with Quilted Maple top and a Aguilar OBP-3 active preamp.

    Serial #: VKN1810025
    Weight: 9lbs 12.1oz

    Body: Profiled Swamp Ash, Wenge middle

    Top: Selected Ash
    Neck: 5-ply Wenge-Maple + Carbon Rods
    Construction: Neck-Thru
    Scale: 34.25"
    Radius: 20" (508 mm)
    Fretboard: Ebony
    Frets: Nickel Silver
    Side dots: Standard dots
    Hardware Colour: Black
    Pickups: Bartolini M34 Soapbars
    Preamps: Aguilar OBP-3 Pre-Amp
    Controls (Pots): Volume + Balance + Middle + Treble/Bass + ToneControl
    Controls (Switches): Active/Passive
    Bridge+ Saddles: Mayones X24
    Tuners: Schaller M4

    FinishJeans Black Purple Horizon

    Sku. VIKING4JBPH-VKN1810025

    0D69AA91-C2C7-48DC-840B-E27C3EAC4D23.jpeg DFB687D8-1E94-4AD8-A81E-17795BC4F7FE.jpeg E74D32A0-15AB-4907-8278-F8A1B21BDBEA.jpeg B3562F98-3AF9-4EED-BED3-730D049B6633.jpeg 1CA4AFDC-480F-4B79-8C57-99DF933BB7A1.jpeg 68D4EECB-B89F-4AF3-941F-E1BFDB0910C3.jpeg B5327439-E1F5-4E5B-95A1-D3A1B936E162.jpeg 12168293-D315-40B4-A50D-FBBEA43E76CE.jpeg 7B32877C-5841-4592-A252-FC2BE66F6701.jpeg 751351F2-6365-420C-8AEE-63BEDC53A116.jpeg 63E5A0C5-8705-415F-9F27-F8EB4CA1D3EF.jpeg FA1442FE-CED6-4120-A34F-809771C35D2F.jpeg 38D00D06-D894-4211-B4AB-0FD03AFF19AA.jpeg AB9C2DC7-48F1-459B-8A34-CF84B6BC746A.jpeg EF9331A6-42E5-4A03-AA4E-AA4B1EB316B3.jpeg FAC7754C-4AC5-463C-932A-5F5867D765C1.jpeg 607FC13C-A5ED-404B-B592-51713E6C0AA5.jpeg
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