MB Fusion/Fusion 550 Di output?

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  1. Sparrows78


    Feb 17, 2010
    I have a question for the MB Fusion/Fusion 550 users out there about the di output of these amps:
    How is the(post EQ) Di output level controlled?

    I'm about to buy one of these amps but having a hard time understanding this...

    By looking at the block diagram in the manual, the Di output is taken BEFORE the master volumes.
    That should mean that the Di level is set by the input gains,
    but if thats the case, then it's impossible to set a unity Di output level between a clean and a overdriven channel?:eyebrow:

    After a confusing and non-informative mail conversation with GK support I ask you users directly - how does this work??:help:
  2. On the back of the Fusion 550 you have the choice of pre or post EQ for the DI and the DI has it's own level control on the back.

    MB Fusion the level is set by the gain control only I believe, you still do have the choice of a pre or post EQ signal for the DI.
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    Feb 23, 2004
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    78... You have the grasp of the routing. I had a MBFusion and found a work around for it. With post out DI only the input gains A and B work as the Masters A and B are not in line with the DI. So if you want clean A and Grindy B ay the same level, you can't. Now you can ( I did this ) use the 'line out' into a transformer DI box and you get everything post Masters. However you need to be kind to the soundman and let him know what's up, or pick a level and don't change. If all you need is a level boost for solos the the post DI works fine.. But clean/dirt switch use line out.
  4. Sparrows78


    Feb 17, 2010
    Thanx for your answers!
    Not the best technical solution from GK, the whole "two channel" thing gets pretty limited if your going through the PA(wich I tend to do pretty much all the time).
  5. Found this link while searching the forum for the GK Fusion. I'm interested in it, but there are (I think) 3 different models being sold, and they are not all the same. Is the 500 model really two channel? The manual is unclear, and actually confusing. It says that the A-B levels are to change the boost, but that model doesn't have boost. At least not on the actual unit. It also says you can adjust the contour with the button on top, but the button is just that - it doesn't rotate so you can't adjust it. At least that's the way it appears in the manual. My local stores don't carry any of the three so I'm having to do this online. Main question is - are any of the three really two channels or just different settings on one channel? And does that really matter if it works? Thanks.